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Factors to Consider When Investing in Silver Bullion


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Investing in a precious metal like silver is a great way to diversify your portfolio and gain a ‘safe haven asset’ in a potentially volatile market.

However, if you’re considering investing in silver bullion, specifically, there are some crucial things to consider before you take the leap.

Furthermore, you’ll want to weigh your options for how you can cash in on your investments when the time comes to sell and how silver buyers like Muzeum are able to help. Muzeum is operated by genuine bullion experts who understand the intricacies of dealing in precious metals; they offer free evaluations and base prices on the most up-to-date market rates — an absolute necessity for selling.

Do Your Research Before Buying

As with most significant purchases, make sure you conduct extensive research before investing. In this instance, speaking with your financial advisor is also recommended. 

You can invest in silver in several ways, including through certificates, options and futures, stocks and mutual funds, and ETFs (or Exchange-Traded Funds). 

You can also invest in physical silver (known as bullion) in the form of bars, rounds and coins. 

The Pros and Cons of Buying Silver Bullion

There are several benefits to silver bullion. Silver is a globally recognized safe haven asset that, in the past, has been stable through periods of economic and political turbulence

Compared to gold, it’s less expensive, making silver more accessible for retail investors; for bullion dealers, however, there is no real difference.

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Ultimately, investment portfolios are diversified through the addition of silver bullion, and investors can reap lucrative rewards when the price of silver goes up. 

There are also notable downsides to owning physical silver pieces. Finding a reputable buyer can sometimes be challenging and, of course, more time-consuming than cashing out stocks (for example). 

Holding silver bars or coins comes with potential security risks, too. You will want to look into basic security precautions, such as buying a safe and checking whether or not your home insurance policy will cover it. Also, consider how quickly you can gain access if you want to sell.

With these complexities in mind, and should you still choose to invest in silver bullion, consider the following purchasing factors. 

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Bullion

  • Is the seller transparent with their prices? Are prices clearly listed on their website?
  • What will the mark-up be beyond the spot price? Always compare it between sellers. Typically, the purchasing price of silver bars and coins will involve a mark-up in addition to the spot price. 
  • If you do purchase physical silver, how will you receive it? Find out how much delivery and shipping insurance will cost.
  • As with most assets, what external factors will influence the price and potential resell value? 
  • How are your taxes affected? In Canada (for example), if silver is 99.9% pure, it is exempt from GST/HST when you purchase it; however, you will have to pay taxes on capital gains when you sell. 

Take Away

Silver bullion (both bars and coins) can be purchased from major banks or from specialized dealers.

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Physical silver is a tangible, safe haven asset during global financial uncertainty. To make a sound investment, it’s crucial that you find a reliable place to purchase bullion, and when it comes time to sell, you find an organization with transparent rates and the highest possible payout prices.

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