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Farrah Abraham Assault Victim Speaks Out: Look at My Black Eye!


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Farrah Abraham suddenly finds herself in an ugly game of She Said/She Said.

Last weekend, the Teen Mom OG alum was involved in at least some kind of fracas at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood.

According to a security guard at this nightclub, Abraham assaulted her after growing beligerent and being asked to leave the establishment, prompting a citizen’s arrest.

According to Farrah, however?

She was set up. She was the one who was bruised and battered. And she was the one victimized by both her friend and those who work at this restaurant.

“I post this as no woman or man should ever be battered, abused, conspired, ganged up on, set up, recorded, and video sold,” began Abraham as a caption to a video of her arrest.

“I’m putting a restraining order on @antonelloparloto livebad who made this dinner reservation and conspired an attack on myself with the staff at @grandmaster_recorders as it was a “private persons arrest” complete setup…

“I’ve had a very traumatizing year and I don’t deserve to be attacked, bruised, men on me, and battered.”

Farrah arrest

What actually transpired, though?

We may never know for certain, although footage from the incident in question sure makes it look like Abraham was out of control drunk.

Now, meanwhile, in the face of her story being questioned, the security guard at the center of this scandal has spoken out.

In a now-deleted post, the woman (who’s name we will not reveal) uploaded a photo of her face, allegedly post-Farrah attack, and said she cannot see out of one eye.

Farrah Abraham victim

“This is all so embarrassing yet I have to stand up for myself, not physically, by hitting her back because that would cause problems for me,” the security guard wrote.

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“I really have way too much to lose.

“I’m a student last few months in my bachelors program, I’m taking care of my mom who has cancer.

“I work hard physically and mentally.”

Continued Abraham’s supposed victim:

“What’s annoying is walking around, or just going to work, it’s the worst, I’m proud of myself for not feeding into my old demons and fighting this woman, yet I’m ashamed because I’m walking around with a bruise on my face.

“Just embarrassed because I look like a punk.

“People already look at me weird because I’m blind in the same eye she hit me in and my eye sometimes have a mind of its own.

“Now I have this bruise. Ugh lord help me.”

Farrah, for her part, is not backing down from her own claims.

She has no sympathy. She’s offering up no regrets. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

“Justice will handle all who harass & target me,” Farrah wrote last week via Instagram Story.

“It’s a shame it takes a group to attack me. Organized crime. The End.”

Farrah Abraham justice

For the record, no organized crime member has stepped up and taken resposibility for this attack.

A couple of Farrah’s long-time foes have gone public with their opinions, however.

“Farrah needs to grow up and act her age,” Jenelle Evans told UK tabloid The Sun after Abraham was arrested, adding:

“It’s sad she acts this way when she knows it’s going to end up in the news and her daughter can read it.”

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Amber Portwood mostly agrees.

Asked by E! News if she believed Abraham’s side of the story, Amber said no and explained:

“I went through so much of my life way worse and if I sat there and never took responsibility for what I’ve done and say that everything was a set-up, I mean honestly I would just look like a fool.

“Nothing’s a set-up.”


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