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Manage Multiple Accounts on Social Media with Proxies


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Social Media platformsSocial media platforms nowadays are highly suitable for finding business opportunities. This is why businesses employ social media managers to optimize their online presence. But the problem is these social media managers or agencies often have to handle multiple accounts on the same platform.

And most social media platforms regulate the use of multiple accounts to ensure fair play and prevent misuse of the platform. For example, you can’t create more than five accounts on Twitter from the same IP address. If you do that, all the associated accounts can get blocked. Fortunately, you can unblock Twitter with proxies. Check this to learn more about Twitter proxies.

What Are Social Media Proxies?

We assume we already know about proxies. They are intermediary servers between your computer or smartphone and the target web server. Social media proxies are the same, but they are dedicated to social media platforms.

For example, you can use a Twitter proxy server to reroute your connections. Your connection request will go through the proxy server so that Twitter doesn’t recognize you using more than the number of allowed accounts per IP address. More on that in a bit. 

Why Should You Use Social Media Proxies?

The main purpose of social media proxies is to be able to create and manage multiple accounts on the platform. Let’s explain this better with the example of Twitter.

This social media platform allows you to run a maximum of five accounts from your IP address. If their server detects more than five accounts logged in from your IP address, they will block the IP address. So, you will lose access to all of your accounts.

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Twitter and other social media platforms do this to prevent users from spamming, unethically growing profiles, and more. But this poses a great threat to social media managers.

Busy managers or large agencies typically use automation tools to handle social media accounts on behalf of their clients. They tend to handle hundreds of accounts every day, which is quite difficult to do manually. Juggling hundreds of accounts from the same IP address is too risky because all the accounts are going to get banned.

This is why social media managers need to use proxies for multiple account management. We will elaborate on the use cases of social media proxies. Check these use cases to understand the importance of social media proxies. 

Use Cases of Twitter Proxies

Proxies dedicated to Twitter are used to keep your Twitter accounts safe regardless of how many accounts you are managing from the same location. Here are the most common use cases.

  1. Creating Multiple Accounts

With only five allowed accounts, it becomes so much more difficult for social media managers to operate their businesses. But with Twitter proxies, they can create and manage as many accounts as they want without risking any of them. They can use different IP addresses for different accounts.

  1. Automating Account Management

The most important thing in finding potential clients is to keep the prospects connected. This is why social media managers need to post multiple content on each account per day. When they handle hundreds of accounts, it is quite impossible to keep up with the pace.

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So, social media managers use automation tools or bots to pre-program specific actions. The problem is Twitter servers can detect these tools or bots and can ban your account for using these.

  1. Protecting Privacy

Besides keeping your accounts from getting blocked, you can also improve privacy with Twitter proxies. If you don’t use proxies, regular browsers transmit your digital fingerprint to the server. But with antidetect browsers and Twitter proxies, you can hide your digital fingerprint. So, no one can track your preferences and use the information to influence you.

  1. Removing Geo-Restrictions

Specific social media platforms can be restricted in many countries. For example, China or North Korea prohibits the use of many social media, including Twitter. If you live in any of the restricted regions, you need to use proxies to access your account. Twitter proxies change your location and allow you to use social media without any problem.

  1. Scraping Data from Twitter

Twitter scraping is one of the most common practices for modern marketers. Though they can scrape specific data through the public APIs of Twitter, it can often not be enough. So, marketers use specialized tools for Twitter scraping. But the problem is Twitter can detect these tools and band them from scraping data. With Twitter proxies, you can easily scrape data from Twitter.


With the rising popularity of social media platforms, they are introducing new regulations to keep the ground even for all users. As a part of this policy, social media platforms prevent users from using multiple accounts.

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But the case is different for social media managers or agencies. They need to handle hundreds of accounts. And this can get all the accounts blocked. You can unblock Twitter with proxies and use as many accounts as you want.


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