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Farrah Abraham Responds to Parenting Criticism: I’m a F–king Queen!


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Farrah Abraham is living proof that you don’t have to be well-liked to be popular on social media.

The former Teen Mom OG star has a following of 3.1 million, but she gets lambasted in the comments pretty much anytime she posts anything.’

But in the end, we guess the joke is on the people who hate-follow Farrah.

We understand the temptation to keep tabs on Ms. Abraham despite how obnoxious she is, but it’s important to remember that she’s like a petulant toddler in that she makes no distinction between positive and negative attention.

Her followers enjoy pointing out Farrah’s many, many missteps, but she seems to be only vaguely aware of the criticism.

For example, at the beginning of this month, Farrah dressed her 12-year-old daughter Sophia in fishnet stockings.

Fans rightly pointed out that Farrah’s habit of dressing her daughter in age-inappropriate outfits is highly unsettling.

It often seems as though Farrah is more of a friend than a mother to her daughter, and she seems hell-bent on shaping Sophia into her own personal mini-me, regardless of how the girl feels about it.

“Smh you should let her be the kid that she is,” a commenter wrote.”She doesn’t need all that makeup.”

“Omg why does Sophia look older than Farrah,” another asked.

Sophia Abraham in e-girl costume

“You’re letting Sophia grow up too fast,” a third chimed in.

On this occasion, Farrah’s followers seemed to genuine in their concern.

They weren’t offering their opinions simply for the sake of mom-shaming, but in the hope that Farrah would ease up on encouraging her daughter to become an adult over night.

Farrah Abraham Sophia Abraham header crop (oct 2021)

“I can’t help but think Farrah is encouraging her to act/dress much older than she is. She is 12 years old,” one person remarked.

“Sophia is such a beautiful young lady. I hope she gets far away from the toxicity that is Farrah and her family,” another observed.

“Well, I was the same when I was 12, but my dad would never let me leave the house with showing skin lol,” yet another joked.

Sophia Abraham iwith red velvet hair

You get the idea.

In the wake of that controversy, Farrah was more quiet than usual for a week or two.

Her critics briefly thought they might have gotten through to her, but when Farrah broke her silence this week it immediately became clear that she had not paid any attention to their insights.

Farrah and Sophia on Mother's Day

“I work on myself constantly to become a better person,” Farrah wrote on Instagram.

Now, that might sound like Farrah actually engaged in some self-reflection, but her next post made it clear that she’s still not allowing any criticism to penetrate her consciousness.

“You work hard, you dress well, you’re responsible, you are educated, you manage your money, you are loyal, you have big plans and beautiful dreams,” read a meme that Farrah posted on Tuesday.

“You are a f–king Queen.”

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear, Farrah is talking about herself and the part about being educated seems to be referring to Abraham’s short time at Harvard.

Farrah only attended summer classes for a few weeks, and she doesn’t seem to have learned a whole lot.

Her time at the prestigious university seems to have made her more impervious to criticism than ever.

Seem people might benefit from such a boost in self-esteem, but in Farrah’s case, it’s definitely a bad thing.

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