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Win Jackpot!! by playing Casino games on Raja567


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Raja 567 is the best game to play casino games online from the comfort of your home. Casino games refer to gambling games, betting, and card games where you get prizes, rewards, or money in exchange for winning. Now you do not have to visit Vegas or other casino heaven destinations in order to enjoy these games and try your luck.

Raja567 provides you with all these games accessible on your device. You can play with multiple players and strangers and secure a Jackpot. On the Raja567 site, there is an abundance of card games, betting counters, slots, Monopoly, and casino games that you can play to enjoy as well as win real-time money. If you are new to gambling and casino games, Raja567 gives you some token amount that you can experiment with while playing and soon reach the pro level.

Once you are familiar with the rules and gameplay, then only you can use your own money on this website. This blog is all about the website and its features where you will be informed about various types of games and their usage. You will also get information regarding raja567 com login, register, sign up, and account creation.

What is the website?

Raja567 is a leading online platform when it comes to playing casinos, post-live betting, card games, and other games. To get first-hand experience in casino games, you must try Raja567 but there are some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the betting industry. The interface of the website is on a black background where you will see the Live Games, Ezugi games, Evolution games, and slots on the top left side of the homepage.

Just towards the right of these tabs, there is an option to register and log in which you are required to do before playing. On scrolling a bit low, you can see the variety of games available on the Raja567 website. Towards the bottom of the website, you will see partnered financial institutions that allow transactions of payments. The gaming partners of Raja567 involve Ezugi” and “Evolution Gaming. However as the website is still in progress, some links to the sites may not work.

Raja567 is that platform where you can try your luck in gambling. There are a significant number of users who regularly use the website either to play casually or with the sole motive of winning. Till then there is Earth, and people will not stop trying their luck in these games which is a shortcut to becoming rich. But what most of them fail to understand is that all these agencies are running for business and if one is winning the game there is a possibility that the majority is losing the game as well as money over this app. The key to survival here is playing responsibly. Even if your motive is to enjoy gaming, please ensure that you are not overdoing the enjoyment. There have been instances where people have life savings in these apps and websites. This is the only reason that the Raja567 site is only for 18+ players only.

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What types of games are available on the Raja567 website? 

Raja 567 provides games related to betting and casino games. You can place a bet using the “raja 567 bet” menu and select “raja 567 casino” for access to casino games. To make you familiar with the games here is a list of all the games available on the Raja567 website:

ROULETTE – It is the easiest game on the Raja567 platform. There is a numbered spinning wheel. You have to select the number and place your bet. Based on the outcome of the Roulette prize money will be distributed. All the Roulette games are live and the list of those games is given below.

  • Ultimate Roulette Live
  • Lightening Roulette Live
  • Speed Roulette Live
  • Namaste Roulette Live
  • Auto Roulette Live
  • Auto Speed Roulette Live
  • Turkish Roulette Live
  •  Roulette 360 Live
  • Prestige Auto Roulette Live
  • Turkish Roulette Live
  • Mandarin EZ Dealer Roulette Live
  • Japanese EZ Dealer Roulette Live
  • Cumbia Roulette Live
  • From Casino Marina Roulette Live
  • Double Ball Roulette Live

EZUGI BET ON NUMBERS – Another simple game from the Raja567 platform is Ezugi Bet on Numbers. Here 49 balls are randomly mixed by a machine and randomly balls are drawn declaring the first, second, third, and fourth winner. There is only one game in this category which goes by the name, Bet on Number HD Live.

DICE GAMES – There are a couple of dice games available on the Raja567 website. The names of those games are:

  • Lightening Dice
  • Super Sic Bo 
  • Ultimate Sic Bo
  • Sic Bo Live

GAME SHOWS – You must have seen a live game show on Television. The best example is “Deal or No Deal”. In this people testify their luck in a variety of game shows present on the Raja567 website. The show will have a host who will elaborate on the game and keep you entertained. Below is the list of Games shown on the Raja567 website.

  • Cash or Crash
  • Football Studio
  • Mega Ball 100X
  • Side Bet City
  • Crazy Time
  • Dream Catcher

LIVE BETTING – You can also place live bets on sports games, predictions, political events, and other occurrences. To win in this category you have to have a judgment of the future outcomes. The chances of winning here are a bit high because of few favorable outcomes. In a football match, only three outcomes are possible. A team will either win, or lose, or will end it in a draw. So the chances of winning here in 50-50 instead of 0.01%

Below are the sports for which you can place live bets and win:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • IPL
  • World Cup
  • FIFA Cup
  • Doberman Race
  • Derby Racing
  • Election Results
  • Dice Prediction

CARD GAMES – These games are the hardest to play. There is a high number of chances that an inexperienced player will lose when he faces an experienced player. Here in the Raja567 site, two modes are available. You can choose to play online or live card games. In the online category, your opponent will be a random stranger while playing online, there will be a broker who will overlook the gameplay like card distributions, etc. Here is a list of various card games that you can enjoy on the Raja567 website. It also has some exclusive games that were invented in India such as Teenpatti, Andar Bahar, and others:

  • From Casino Marina Andar Bahar
  • BlackJack
  • Teenpati
  • Solitaire
  • Lucky7
  • Baccarat
  • Three card poker
  • 32 cards live
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How can I reach Raja567’s website?

The steps are simple:

On the search bar of your browser, you need to type “www raja 567”. 

The search bar will show you some results regarding the same. You have to select the first option and voila you will be on the homepage of the Raja 567 website.

Here are FAQs regarding the Raja567 website:

Is it mandatory to register on the Raja567 website to play casino games?

Yes, in order to enjoy the games and try your luck in gambling and casinos, you have to register for the platform first. Below is the detailed procedure to register on the website to get full access. 

Steps for login:

In order to enjoy all the betting and casino games you have to register on the site. Without this, you won’t be able to play any game on the website. To begin with the process, locate the register and login option in the top right corner of the website. 

If you are visiting for the first time, then you will have to register on the website. If you are a frequent visitor and have already registered once, you can select the “log in” menu.

When you select to register on the website, a pop-up window will appear where you will have to enter your phone number and then select “send OTP”.

An OTP number will be delivered to your number which you will have to enter in the next step. 

After entering OTP a new pop-up will appear where you will have to enter the following details.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Password confirmation 
  • Referral code (if any)

At last, you have to check the “I read and accept terms of use” and then select the register. 

By following these steps you have successfully registered on Raja 567 .com website.

Steps for Raja 567 casino login:

Now by following the above procedure, you have already learned how to register on the website. To Log in you have to select the login option from the top right end of the homepage when you visit the second time. Then you will get full access to Raja 567 casino games. 

How can I add money to my Raja567 account after logging in?

Once you have successfully completed registration, you can log in again and proceed further by adding money in order to enjoy the games. 

You have to select your dashboard where there is an option to “Deposit”. You have to select this option and enter your “UPI ID” to deposit real money. Secondly, there is also an option for manual deposit where you will have to enter the amount and share the UTR number. The bank details for the same are:

  • BANK –  HDFC
  • IFSC HDFC00000XX

The maximum limit for manual transactions is 50,000 INR. You will also have to attach the PDF file of the same transaction and submit it while filling details.

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How can I withdraw the money from the website?

In order to withdraw your winning amount, you have to select the “Request Withdrawal” option from the dashboard. Then you have to fill in these details to claim your money:

  • Account number
  • Confirm account number
  • Account holder name
  • IFSC code
  • Bank name
  • Phone number

Please note that all this information should be filled with caution as it won’t be changed later. 

What kind of payment methods are available on the website?

Raja567 .com site has partnered with some of the leading financial institutions like Phonepay, Google Play, Yes Bank, Axis Bank, IndusInd Bank, and IDFC First Bank. 

What is the Raja 567 customer care number?

If you have any queries regarding the games and payment-related issues on the Raja 567 website or you want to give some suggestions to the team then you can contact them via various methods:

  • Whats App support – +91989765XXX
  • Phone number – +91989765XXX

You can also follow them or reach the team with the help of various social media platforms. Raja 567 is available on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram.

What is the link for the Raja 567 app download?

The Raja 567 app is not available in the Google Play Store or App Store nor is there an App service for Raja567. The only way to access Raja567 is through the website. However, there are some other casino apps in the Google Play Store or App Store platform.

Is Raja567 safe?

Though the Raja567 website claims to have partnered with leading banks and UPI gateways, it is not safe. The gambling and casino gaming industry including Raja567 often bypasses certain guidelines and regulations. Government after scrutinizing does take action on such platforms after which the players are left to suffer.

Playing on these sites can be highly addictive and you can spend a fair amount of money in losing. So always play responsibly whenever you are on casino platforms such as Raja567.

What is the minimum age to play casino games on the Raja567 website?

The minimum age for accessing such websites is 18 as there is a financial risk involved, it becomes necessary that the users do not spend their precious time on such sites and play responsibly. 

Disclaimer: In sites such as betting and casino games, there are many risks involved. Talking about the financial risks, it is the highest. Most of the users lose money instead of actually winning from the website. Even if someone is winning, it can sometimes become highly addictive, and the lust for more is never-ending. This is the reason why it involves a financial disclaimer of “Playing responsibly”. A user should not spend extra time and money on such sites and always be mindful of extra spending. 

Secondly, there is legal risk involved. Many countries do not encourage gambling, betting, or casinos and if someone is found guilty of being involved in such activities, the state may reward imprisonment or fine if offended.

Since these sites should be dealt with responsibly, it is needless to say that children below the age of 18 should not access such sites. The last risk accompanying any casino gaming site is online fraud.  There have also been claims that these sites are means of money laundering techniques Moreover online fraud is prevalent in the gambling and betting industry so it is wise to be distant from these websites.


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