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10 Fat burning Foods you must have in your Diet


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So many of us are haunted by our weight. The exercise of getting on the weighing scale is sheer torture, especially when the weight refuses to budge, despite the diet. However, it is crucial to know that weight loss is not an overnight miracle. It is a journey, the end goal of which should be healthy living and not skinny living.

Therefore, for people who are overweight and underwhelmed by their weight loss progress, it is not the end of the world. Do not write yourself off as a hopeless case. Give it time, work hard, and eat smart.

Dieting did smartly

There is this misconstrued notion that dieting involves starving yourself. You do not have to punish yourself in this entire process. Also, this combination of extreme deprivation and dieting can be more counter-intuitive; it helps in falling off the dieting-wagon into the abyss of binge eating even more so.

Hence, diet done right should be your weight-loss mantra. Get a professional nutritionist or doctor to help you plan the meal to reap maximum rewards from dieting. Also, if despite everything, you are still struggling with losing weight, maybe you should have an online consultation with the doctor; stepping out of the house for something non-life-threatening does not seem safe in these times of coronavirus.

Eating well

Certain foods are extremely good for weight loss. They help boost metabolism and thus aid in the process of fat burning. Moreover, most such foods enhance digestion; they give you fullness without the calories.

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Hence, incorporating such foods into the diet can be extremely beneficial in the weight loss journey. We have, therefore, compiled 10 such foods to help you burn fat, faster!

1. Eggs

Eggs are packed with nutrients. They help the body stay satiated and thus prevent overeating. Therefore, eggs in breakfast are especially beneficial as they help prevent overeating and random snacking throughout the day. Moreover, they are packed with high-quality protein, to digest which the body uses up calories.

Hence, consuming a diet that is rich in such protein results in weight and fat loss. Eggs, therefore, help boost the metabolism and keep the body activated greater.

2. Green leafy vegetables

These vegetables are rich in fiber, which adds bulk to the diet but not the calories. Green and leafy vegetables are rich in iron; thus, the oxygen is supplied to all the parts of the body efficiently. This then helps the body burn more fat during the gruel workout sessions.

Moreover, they are also rich in magnesium, which is great for countering stress. People who are stressed have a higher propensity towards gaining weight, which makes these vegetables even more advantageous in a weight loss journey.

3. Coffee

Coffee is an elixir of life for so many of us. We take it mostly to keep our body up and running. However, very few of us realize the fat-burning benefits of it! It also jump-starts the metabolism and thus helps burn calories.

Also, taking a cup of coffee benefits before the workout helps burn a greater number of calories during the entire ordeal. However, please do not defeat its purpose by filling it with milk and sugar. Lay off it to get the best results.

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4. Green Tea

Green tea is another one of the fat-burning foods. All it takes is lifting that tea-cup to the lips and et voila, the body burns calories!

Essentially, it contains EGCG, an antioxidant that triggers the reaction whereby enzymes prompt the fat cells to release this fat, which gets burnt by the body. Also, EGCG is especially great for getting rid of the big gut.

However, up to 4 cups are recommended to maximum benefits.

5. Nuts

Nuts like almonds etc. contain good fat that helps with the reduction of the belly fat. Moreover, consuming them before a workout session can help increase the efficiency of the workout as well. Besides this, they are great for snacking as well. They taste so great that it does not even feel like dieting!

6. Full-fat Greek yogurt

Rich in probiotics (the good bacteria for the gut), Greek yogurt has immense benefits for our health. Moreover, it also helps increase the metabolism of the body, thereby aiding in the process of fat burning.

Full-fat Greek yogurt also has conjugated linoleic acid,  which has shown to be beneficial for weight loss. The best part is that it is found more in full-fat yogurt, so all those who dread to skim/nonfat dairy products can enjoy this yogurt guiltfree!

7. Olive Oil

Considering that olive oil is a staple in the Mediterranean diet, it is no wonder that has fat-burning and metabolism-boosting properties as well. Rich in good cholesterol, it also suppresses appetite. Drizzle it over your salads to have a rich experience that burns fat too!

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8. Apple Cider Vinegar

The jack of all trades, ACV helps to suppress appetite as well. Taking it before meals ensure that carbohydrates are broken down slowly during eating, so you get full quicker as well. Another great advantage of ACV is that it helps the body burn fat and reduces belly fat too.

9. Chilies and Spices

They, not just spice up the food, but life as well by aiding one in weight loss. Cayenne pepper has a substance called capsaicin, which not only burns fat but assists in the reduction of the belly fat. They also prevent overeating by promoting the feeling of fullness.

10. Citrus Fruits

Fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lime, etc. all help with boosting metabolism and therefore assist the body in burning the fat. Also, since these fruits are rich in fiber and nutrients like vitamin C as well, they make a great and wholesome addition to the diet.

These are some things that can help you with your weight loss journey, especially those who are overweight or suffer from obesity. Regardless, it is very important to diagnose which category you fall under so that a regimen can be planned accordingly.

Imaging techniques help understand the body fat content better. However, be sure to visit a doctor before the test and visit only the good center facility for getting an MRI in Islamabad as the quality of the image is an important part of the diagnosis. Getting help is the first step towards a healthy living!

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