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Alberta Tourism 2021: Beautiful Places You Can’t-Miss


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The snow-capped mountains and glacial lakes emerald call us! It’s hard to believe that the mythical Canadian Rockies are now right in front of your eyes. 

Moreover, during this journey from coast to coast across Canada, the goal is to show that it is possible to discover this beautiful country on a small budget. Yes, it is a budgetary travel destination. Those travelers who are having a low budget can book air canada reservations online. And get up to 35% off on flights to Canada. Explore beautiful scenery where prairies go and meet the mountains, turquoise lakes, and glaciers of Alberta and much more thing that makes it a beauty you can miss admiring.

Calgary Heritage Park: living the history of Alberta

If you’re passing through Calgary, don’t miss the Calgary Heritage Park! This village of yesteryear however deserves its place in the top 5. So, thanks to the many activities offered, for young and old.

The “Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame”

Sports fans, pack your bags: Alberta and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame are waiting for you! This largest sports museum in Canada tells the story of over 60 sports on display in 12 vibrant exhibition galleries. You will also be able to meet the greatest Canadian athletes at the Hero Station. Don’t miss this chance to see the memories and artifacts of your heroes!

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Canmore Cave Tours

Visit the Canmore Caverns, rain or shine! Open year-round, Canmore Caverns Expeditions take you through the Rockies from the inside! Two types of expeditions are available to you, the Explorers ‘Route and the Adventurers’ Route. If you choose the adventurous route for the road trips, tourists prepare themselves to crawl and spend several hours without the company of the sun.

The University of Alberta Botanical Garden

Edmonton is a beautiful city and so is the University of Alberta Botanical Garden! Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the hundreds of flowers and plants or by the famous Kurimoto Japanese Garden. Discover many species of butterflies and exotic plants inside the tropical greenhouse. Also, visit the First Nations Garden to learn more about Indigenous culture.

Maligne Canyon

Carved into limestone bedrock by a choppy river, this narrow, craggy canyon – reaching depths of equal to 160 feet (50 meters) happens to be one of the most outstanding geological landscapes of Jasper National Park. In the summer, hikers use to flock here to follow the trails that cross the gorge, although in the winter the canyon uses to freeze in a frigid wonderland.

Bow Falls

Bow Falls is located on the Bow River in Banff National Park, Alberta, a short walk from the Banff Springs Hotel. The short, wide, and cascading falls are a popular tourist stop, likely due to the accessibility of the natural destination – the falls can easily be enjoyed by people of all skill levels and ages. Pedestrian and biking trails wind sideways the south bank of the Bow River and its cascades, with the walking trail which is climbing to the top of the bluff where the falls begin (bikes are not allowed at the top).

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Activities for fun

Upper Hot Springs – Banff

Year-round, visitors can slip into the comforting hot thermal springs of Upper Hot Springs, at an elevation of 1,585 meters, while taking in the spectacular scenery. Discovered in 1884 by Europeans, but used by Indigenous peoples, these historical sources have wowed visitors for years. They are made up of 100% mineral water that travels through 3 km into the Earth’s crust where the water heats up and is pressurized before rising to the surface. Even modern facilities are in the historic buildings that date back to 1932.

Maligne Lake Boat Cruise – Jasper National Park

Spirit Island in Maligne Lake is world-famous and is often synonymous with the Canadian Rockies. This miniature island has a pine forest and is surrounded by the 2nd largest glacier lake in the world. Its brilliant blue color is dazzling. The snow-capped peaks make it a picturesque scene and all three glaciers are visible from the lake. From May to October, a boat ride is one of the ways to see this famous site up close.

Calgary Rodeo – Calgary

Every July, for 10 days, Calgarians wear their cowboy hats and take part in the Calgary Rodeo. Events include the world’s largest outdoor rodeo, sheep hair shearing demonstrations, horsemanship talent shows, and a majestic spectacle that has impressed visitors since 1912. Those in search of thrills can enjoy games and rides, and the Indian Village offers daily events and traditional dances. Everyone is benefiting. It’s no wonder it’s called the greatest outdoor spectacle in the world.

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To visit Alberta is to discover an astonishing geographical relief, thousands of years old. Plan a vacation to Canada with Airlines Vacations and enjoy spending an amazing time with your friends or family on a close relationship with nature!

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