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Best Fuel Shutoff Solenoids in 2023


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So, this is 2023, and we expect evolution, particularly in the fuel industry Regarding solenoids. And what do we have? Hang on; MaySpare is at the forefront. They have the best fuel solenoids. These include the following; Solenoid SA372512, Solenoid 04103812 04103808, and Solenoid 1502. Oh, my world, these are taking center stage with their sleek design, durability, and compatibility with popular engine models. Do you want to know more about them? continue reading

Solenoid SA372512

And so, let’s kick off with the fuel shutoff solenoid – Solenoid SA372512. It’s minimalistic design but a vital part of any gasoline-addicted engine or diesel. It has 12VDC power, triple pins, and 180  copper coils.

And keeping your engine safe is the main business since the heavyweight solenoid shuts off the fuel supply when the engine is not in use. In turn, It may reduce fires or associated dangers. Yet, the best part is the warranty and the durable material design.

When discussing versatility, the Solenoid SA372512 is ready to take on different purposes. You can trust it to perform its duties, be it Mitsubishi L2E or L3E, Volvo EC15, Toro 223D, or Mahindra Max 28 Tractor. Even so, the solenoid could still be used for Volvo JOB 281, perfectly matching the Mitsubishi K4N-D61KG. On the other hand, installation is an easy sign, thanks to the replacement design!

The final say? If you are up to rev that generator for SDMO or get the excavation tool in shape, you better get the Solenoid SA372512. And how convincing is it that it comes with a 100% OEM match and a half-year warranty?

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Solenoid 04103812 04103808

Okay, you are now moving on to Solenoid 04103812 04103808, the heart of your Deutz engine. If you have come across it, you already know the part number 04103812 or 04103808, ideally made for Deutz F3L, F3M, F4L, and F4M 1011 and 2011 engines. Still, the solenoid runs on 12 volts with an OEM match, impeccably strong spring, and 180 copper wires.

It’s easy to install. Besides, it features a perfectly designed injection button. And for the icing on the cake, there is a half-year warranty, with a return and exchange guarantee. Isn’t that enough? Alright, this solenoid is lightweight at 1.46 pounds and measures 4.49 x 3.31 x 2.64 inches. That is perfect if you are ever on the go.

Solenoid 1502

Now, let’s close in style with the Solenoid 1502. And this is a gem for petter engine lovers. Also, it’s a 100% OEM  better for replacing part numbers: 366-07197, 1502-12C7U2B2S1. It’s also a matching replacement for SA-3405-T, 36607197, and 150212C7U2B2S1.

Then, calibrated at 12 volts, with twin pins, and an intermittent duty cycle, it can handle the heat. Should you intend to use it for a super-hot temperature, then its paint cover and copper coil rated at 180 won’t disappoint. Again, a grand rubber with strong spring vesting it with optimal performance.

But the fun doesn’t end there. It’s lightweight, 1.53 pounds, measuring 9.17 x 3.07 x 2.32 inches. Installation still is easy on your  Lister Petter LPW, LPWS, and LPWT models. Finally, there is the obvious half-year warranty.


So, engines are ever on the evolution streak. And it takes a diligent supplier and manufacturer to keep up with speed. Today we may spare doing the dirty work for us. They are bringing us the best solenoids with features like OEM match, heat resistance, and half-year warranties. In other words, the Solenoid SA372512, Solenoid 04103812 04103808, and Solenoid 1502 are recommended choices for any engine enthusiast in 2023 and beyond.

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