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Functions of Hands and How to Treat Them Correctly


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Hands are the most important body part for every person. These can be said as the vital two tools that help us in carrying out almost every activity in our lifetime. When we are toddlers we even learn to walk by holding on to objects with our hands. We learn to eat with our hands. Hands also help us in experiencing one of the vital sensations and that is touch. Touch also serves as a medium of communication to us. Apart from this as we gradually grow up our hands become and prove more useful every day as we start joining into newer activities. Activities like expressing gratitude and greeting in the outer world by joining hands or shaking hands with many other people. Along with the exchange of warmth, these activities also lead to the exchange of germs, dirt, bacteria, etc. Of course, soap and water are always great for protecting against germs and bacteria, but you don’t always have access to water so carrying hand sanitizer products is always recommended. Keeping hands safe and clean is very important these days. Let us learn about the various functions of hand and how it helps in doing several activities of our day to life and also how can we treat them in a good manner and keep them healthy.

  • Our hands help us to carry things, eat, lift objects, write, and do a lot more. With hands as we keep contact with the outer world in the same way we keep in contact with our body. Skin acts as a medium of transfer here. Also, our hands touch our faces often. We at times eat with our hands. Therefore it is very important to keep our hands clean and wash them at regular intervals. Especially before consuming something or applying something, it is vital to wash hands properly.
  • With everyday use of the hands and working on various surfaces sometimes the hands start to harden. It is the skin present on the outer surface which starts to become dry and becomes hard as well. To keep hands soft it is advised to take care of them by applying hand cream or moisturizer mainly at night. It helps the skin on the hand to rejuvenate and stay soft even after working continuously with them and keeps them hydrated.
  • Hand sanitizers are a must these days. Just keeping the hands clean by washing them is no more the solution. To keep them healthy it is important to keep them germ-free. There are many sanitizers available in the market. But only some have the correct properties of an ideal sanitizer. The best alcohol based hand sanitizer in India can be found online. They have around seventy percent of Isopropyl rubbing alcohol that helps in killing almost all the germs present on the hand and that too without the use of water. It is portable and can be used anywhere in just a single step.
  • Another way to treat your hands in a better way is to wear gloves. Gloves cover your hands and prevent them from unwanted foreign exposure.
  • Doing something for the health of hands like getting a manicure is also a great way of treating them and keeping them healthy.
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Hands are the working agents of our bodies and to take care of them the above-mentioned ways should be followed.

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