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What is a Shelf Company and Why Should You Get One?


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What is a Shelf Company?

A shelf company is a company that has been registered and is ready to be activated at any time. It can be purchased, but it does not require the buyer to jump through any hoops before they can start using it.

A shelf company comes with all of the paperwork already done, so no additional filings will need to be made if you decide to activate it later on down the road.

What Are the Benefits of a Shelf Company?

Hungarian shelf company is a company that has been registered with the government but has not yet commenced business. The name of the company can be used for any purpose and it comes with an address. It’s also a good way to test the market and find out whether or not you want to start up your own business before setting up an actual operation.

A shelf company provides you with many benefits:

  • You can register one in minutes, which means there’s no lengthy process or paperwork involved. In fact, you could do it as soon as tomorrow! Once you’ve registered your new company on (and paid for our service), we’ll provide all the necessary documents needed for registration–including those relating to tax compliance and accounting requirements–so all you need do is complete them correctly before submitting them.

How to Get a Hungarian Shelf Company.

The process of purchasing a shelf company is quite simple. You can simply buy one from legal service firms like FirmaXHungary. In case you don’t want to register a new Hungarian company, or in case you need an already existing Hungarian company for public tendering, upon taking over a shelf company, you will receive the entire corporate documentation of that company starting from the date of its incorporation until the date of your purchase.

Why is it better to get an EU-based shelf company?

A shelf company is a business entity that has been created, but not yet put into use. You can buy it and then use it for your own projects, or you can register a new company in any country where you want to operate. This means that once you have purchased the shelf company, it’s yours.

The main benefit of buying a shelf company is that you won’t have to deal with as much paperwork when registering yourself in another country because everything has already been done by them beforehand! It also makes things easier if your project involves multiple countries since all of the legal aspects will already be handled by whoever sold them their first time (usually lawyers).

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Hungarian Company?

The cost of a Hungarian shelf company depends on the type of company you want to buy and the number of shareholders. The most common shelf company type is an LLC, which costs €1599 including taxes and registration fees. There are also some other types available, but these will generally be more expensive than an LLC because they require more effort in setting up by our lawyers. If your company has multiple shareholders (more than one), then this can add up quickly too!

The reason why prices are so low for Hungarian shelf companies is because we’ve been doing this for years now–we know how much work goes into setting one up correctly so we pass those savings onto our customers!


In conclusion, it is clear that there are many benefits to registering your business in Hungary. The country has a strong economy and stable government, making it an ideal place for foreign investors. It also has close ties with other EU countries like Austria and Germany which means that doing business there can be easier than expected.

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