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Get the Conversion Rates You Deserve – Creative Retargeting Best Practices for Your Marketing Campaign


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The relationship between retargeting and conversion rates

Retargeting is a strategy that is becoming increasingly popular. It aims to increase sales by advertising your products and services among those, who have already entered your website, yet did not convert.

There would be no retargeting without personalization. Customizing the adverts to match the potential customer is crucial. After all, they are usually people who have wandered to your website through your regular marketing efforts, so sending a similar message will not work.

Creative retargeting best practices

If you desire for your campaign to be as effective as possible, you need to rely on the greatest methods. Therefore, below we will present creative retargeting best practices – the things that you should definitely include in your strategy.

1. Don’t overdo it

One of the best practices for creative retargeting is not sending too many advertisements to your target person. Firstly, they might get discouraged by the number of banners and pop-up windows. Secondly, flooding your potential customer with targeted adverts will simply seem creepy for them. Finally, you don’t want to be intrusive.

2. Make adverts that matter

It probably won’t surprise you that people rarely click adverts the first time they see them. Thus,if you want your retargeting campaign to work, one of the best practices is to come up with creative ads that will truly attract attention. You don’t want to prepare materials that your potential customer will ignore.

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3. Use deep learning

Deep learning can be quite helpful when it comes to creating a retargeting campaign. You can use it to automate the processes, prepare creative materials based on templates and to make data-driven decisions. The technology is here to help you, so make use of it.

4. Outsource a professional retargeting company

Doing retargeting in-house might seem the natural choice, yet there is an alternative – retargeting-focused marketing agencies. The experts there know exactly how to conduct a successful retargeting campaign, so harvesting their knowledge and using their expertise to build your adverts may help you a lot. This strategy is their specialization, so they have a far broader know-how than an average marketing team, and it depends on you whether you’ll use it.

The takeaway

These are just some of the best creative remarketing practices. Don’t be afraid to try other approaches and to contact the professionals – they will help you lift your sales and expand your business. And remember – don’t be too intrusive with your retargeting and make memorable ads. The customer is in the center and you mustn’t forget it.

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