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Gia Giudice Engaged to Christian Carmichael? 21-Year-Old Creates, Quashes Rumor


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A lot of people are weird about the young adult kids of various Real Housewives.

That was evident last year when Gia Giudice was shamed for mild PDA.

Recently, a wild rumor has been circulating that Gia — who only just turned 21 — is engaged.

Gia herself has spoken out to confirm the news … in a manner of speaking.

Gia Giudice turned 21 years old on Saturday, January 7.

While she enjoyed living it up and partying, there was apparently one thing haunting her.

Allegedly, people on social media were exchanging whispers that she is engaged to boyfriend Christian Carmichael.

With that in mind, Gia spoke to Celebuzz on the topic.

“There have been rumors circulating on the internet,” Gia said.

The rumors, she noted, claim “that my boyfriend and I are engaged.”

“I can confirm the engagement news,” Gia began, in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

“Specifically that we are NOT engaged,” she concluded.

This interview was screenshotted and made the rounds on social media.

Gia’s Instagram account shared a piece of clickbait, advertising this as “engagement news.”

Celebuzz is infamous for this tactic — and, technically, a denial is “engagement news.”

Though it was posted to Gia’s Instagram Story, Gia certainly did not make the teaser herself.

There has been speculation, however, that there were no such rumors.

At least, we didn’t hear any until the Celebuzz clickbait went up.

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Looking around social media, this was the case with many others.

Did Gia create a rumor just to shoot it down and, what, give herself a little birthday money?

It sounds more likely that she was not the idea person behind this, but that she merely played along.

We cannot begrudge her for the hustle.

It’s an odd rumor to circulate in the first place.

Yes, Gia and Christian are in a serious relationship that is lasting for a while … considering their ages.

But she is barely 21 years old. That’s a great time for dating, not getting engaged.

There was a time, generations ago, when it was not unusual to be engaged at 21 years old.

At that time, very few forms of birth control were available and women were not allowed to open their own bank accounts.

A lot has changed since then, and a 21-year-old would basically be considered just a small step away from being a child bride.

Gia has had some instability in her life, going back for several years.

(We’re speaking of her parents’ incarcerations and her father being deported, not, like, her mom’s on-screen instability)

But that doesn’t mean that she would do something so reckless as to get engaged at such an extremely young age.

Gia is a beautiful young woman, and all signs indicate that she has a good head on her shoulders.

Sometimes she gets dragged into her mother’s drama, but that’s part of life — when your mom is a reality star.

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Congratulations to Gia on not getting engaged when she’s barely old enough to drink, and we wish her a very happy birthday!


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