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Gino Palazzolo Packs Little Blue Pills to Keep Up with “Soul Mate” Jasmine Pineda


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Even before the Season 5 premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, fans had an impression of Gino and Jasmine.

Jasmine came across as horny and jealous. Gino seemed a little out of his depth and a lot awkward.

On the premiere, Gino shared everything but his scalp with the cameras, including his plans for the bedroom.

Conscious of the age gap with his future fiancee, Gino packed his bags full of “little blue pills” to ensure that he could keep pace.

Gino Palazzolo introduces himself on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

Gino Palazzolo is a 51-year-old auto engineer from Michigan.

He is clearly taking his upcoming meeting with Jasmine in Panama very, very seriously.

Most people would shop online for travel supplies, not ask a pharmacist to walk him through which supplies he’ll need for sex.

Gino Palazzolo - do you have any lotion for couples

This particular moment will live rent-free in our minds for a long time.

In addition to his shopping misadventures, Gino took viewers on a mini-tour of his home and his life.

We swear that we’re not trying to be mean when we say that aspects of his residence looked like something from Male Living Spaces.

Gino Palazzolo prepares food in his Male Living Space (TM)

“Normally, I’m a creature of habit,” Gino admitted. “I like thinking things through before something happens, you know what I’m saying?”

He shared: “I really don’t live a flashy lifestyle. I’m pretty conservative and stuff. I’m someone who enjoys the simple pleasures of life.”

There was some very unkind camera work and editing highlighting Gino’s fondness for frozen dinners.

Gino Palazzolo fell in love with Jasmine instantly

“Jasmine does not like how I eat,” Gino confessed.

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He shared: “She is a vegetarian and she’s very fit and I eat, you know, anything.”

Apparently, Gino’s state of relaxation also extends to medicine.

Gino Palazzolo - these are the little blue pills

On top of things like an anti-diarrhea medicine for his trip, Gino packed little blue pills.

This is a reference to medicines designed to help produce and maintain an erection.

In other words, Gino would like to be able to keep up with Jasmine when he arrives to visit her.

Gino Palazzolo lists the cosmetic work that he's helped Jasmine get

“She’s got the best personality, funny, caring, intelligent,” Gino gushed.

“She’s just the ultimate girl,” he raved. “She’s got a beautiful face, beautiful eyes, beautiful butt, you know, hips, you name it.”

Gino confessed: “And to be honest, she’s out of my league.”

Jasmine Pineda to Gino Palazzolo - baby I'm so happy

“But, you know, we’ve been talking for nine months and she’s like, I think my soulmate and I haven’t even met her yet,” Gino told the camera.

“I can’t wait any longer, so I bought a flight to see Jasmine next week over Christmas and New Year’s,” he shared.

“And,” Gino announced, “I hope to return back to Michigan engaged.”

Jasmine Pineda to Gino Palazzolo - who's my beautiful gringo?

“Jasmine is a very sexual person it seems,” Gino observed.

“We have shown each other naked on video and talked about the first night together,” he shared.

Gushing about the pills, Gino added: “I’ve already trialed these, so I know they work. Like, wow, man. I mean, this stuff works, it’s good.”

Jasmine Pineda to Gino Palazzolo - I'm going to make love to you like two wet animals

“It’s been a few years since I’ve been with a woman sexually and she is 17 years younger than me,” Gino stated factually.

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“So when I’m in Panama,” he continued, “I just want to make sure I can keep up, you know?”

Only time will tell whether Gino and Jasmine hit things off in person as he hopes.


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