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GOQii Vital 4.0 & Smart Vital Junior: Health buddy on your wrist


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With the smart watch, you can immediately get a sense of changes in your vitals and co-relate them to a bigger health problem.

Many people prefer to wear a smartwatch or wrist band on their wrist. Curiously, in actual day-to-day usage the purpose is either functional (merely telling the time) or fashionable. However, these don’t just tell the time, but pack in much more: besides fitness tracking as a core feature, you can see your social media notifications on your wrist, even reply to messages & receive calls instantly. And, since these are pandemic times, smartwatches can be early illness detectors too.

With the smart watch, you can immediately get a sense of changes in your vitals and co-relate them to a bigger health problem. Due to its unique features of detecting sleep, steps, calories and heart rate, it gives a glimpse into various parameters that reflect your health and fitness.

What metrics are you interested in? Heart/Cardio rate? Sleep monitoring? Blood pressure? Blood oxygen? Temperature? Perhaps you need multiple sports modes. Now, Vishal Gondal-founded Fitness technology firm GOQii has come up with two interesting devices— GOQii Vital 4 and Smart Vital Junior— that monitor various health parameters to alert you about any nascent health problems.

GOQii Vital 4 (Rs 4,999)
Priced at a modest Rs 4,999, GOQii Vital 4 is the latest addition to the company’s smart watch category. The beauty of this device is that it can track your vitals even when you are asleep. It will give real-time updates of variation in blood oxygen levels and temperature levels even while you are sleeping, thus helping you wake up to a good and stress-free day.

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This reviewer has been using the GOQii Vital 4 for the past few days, it is fairly accurate at tracking activity data, has a long-lasting battery life and is pretty good-looking with its sleek design. It has a large and bright AMOLED display (120 x 240 pixels) and good number of advanced health and fitness features. For instance, it can track all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned, active time.

Features such as auto sleep tracking are pretty interesting that will appeal to a lot of users. The Vital 4 measures body temperature, blood pressure and SpO2 levels pretty accurately. There is also the option for 24×7 heart rate monitoring and exercise mode.

You can also get all your phone notification such as messages, calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Other features include alarms, inactivity alerts, weather, you can customise the wallpaper, there is also a stopwatch, timer. Find my Phone feature and music control feature. The watch is waterproof and there is a built-in USB charger. It has upto to 7 days battery life. Actually, battery life is about 3 to 4 days with all functions enabled and you can extend to 7-8 days by switching off continuous heart rate and temperature monitoring.

GOQii Smart Vital Junior (Rs 4,999)
Likewise, Smart Vital Junior is a special fitness band for kids that will keep a real-time track of variation in blood oxygen levels, heart rate and temperature levels. It is designed specially for kids with a colourful display and straps that are made with materials gentle to the skin and to well fit their wrists.

It has features such as continuous body temperature monitoring, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen (SPo2) level measurement, sleep tracking, 18 exercise modes and much more. The ideal mix of temperature check and oxygen rate will help in prompt detection of expected cases. Parents can also monitor the health of their kids via the GOQii mobile app.


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