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Speculations on the Release of Grown Ups 3


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A comic story is the most entertaining feature film. It works as a stress buster after a heavy day. Laughter is the best medicine and these comedy films or videos tend to prove that. It becomes a visual and a mental treat after a long heavy day. I love getting such threats. There are many great movies in this genre and from that my favorite is the Grown-Ups series. Having watched both parts I would love to see the next part – Grown Ups 3. The previous parts were not acclaimed by the critics but the audience just loved it. On one hand, it was criticized by the film reviewers and on other hand the viewers were awestruck. These films earned more than USD 200 Million with their amazing plot of the life of Five Friends, how they reunite and face their own challenges. They have their own ups and downs but how they come out of it and with all this the comic timings of both the parts are just remarkable. 

Grown Ups Release Date:

With two great hits, the audience is really anxious to have the next sequel of the series. It is being rumored and speculated for many years that Grown Ups 3 will be out soon. Earlier it was supposed that the Grown Ups 3 would be released in July 2018 but it didn’t materialize. Many online media have their own say about the release date of Grown Ups 3 but it is been said that the Grown Ups 3 release would not be prior to 2024. It could be later but not early. It is said that the script has been written and the work is going on but nothing is on paper, they are just assumptions. These assumptions and rumors are creating suspense and also a curiosity in the minds of the Comedy Lovers about the Grown Ups 3 release date. I would not opt-out as I am also curious about the idea of Grown Ups 3 getting released. 

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Grown Ups 3 Cast:

To make a film success many things play a pivotal role and one of them is the cast. If you have a great script, a great producer, a great director but you don’t have an incredible cast the desired results cannot be achieved. The same way this Grown-Ups series had an incredible cast due to which it received such a huge acclamation from the audience. As per the talks going on on social media and other platforms, the Grown Ups 3 Cast would be the same as the previous two movies. As speculated the Grown Ups 3 Cast would be Adam Sandler as Lenny Feder, Kevin James as Eric Lamonsoff, Chris Rock as Kurt McKenzie, David Spade as Marcus Higgins, Rob Schneider as Rob Hilliard, Salma Hayek as Roxanne Chase-Feder, Maria Bello as Sally Lamonsoff and Maya Rudolph as Deanne McKenzie. This cast has been achieved success in captivating the minds of the audience and so it is highly speculated that the Grown Ups 3 cast would be as said. 

As it is assumed that the Grown Ups 3 would be a continuation of Grown Ups 2 and Lenny Feder the Lead Character of the film will move to Connecticut and reunite with his friends but there will be many challenges across the path of the five friends. As the Grown Ups 2 ended with reconciliation of Lenny and Roxanne so in Grown Ups 3 there is a major possibility of the film about Roxanne’s pregnancy. An American comedian, television writer, producer Tom Scharpling posted on Twitter a script of Grown Ups 3, he did not write the film as a professional but just did it for fun. His script is fifty-two pages long and it has four friends attending the fifth friend’s funeral i.e. Rob’s funeral. Though this might not be the original plot of the Grown Ups 3 all the speculations are on till the original one comes forward.

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Budget and Profit:

Both the earlier Grown Ups films had a budget of USD 80 Million and the first film Grown Ups grossed USD 270 Million and Grown Ups 2 earned USD 240 Million. As per my opinion whenever this film is released it will be having this amazingly talented cast and crew. A great producer cum writer cum actor Adam Sandler would be leading the show and again I would say that would be a treat to the eyes, mind, and soul.

Accomplishments of the film:

The previous films were produced by the home production of Adam Sandler Happy Maddison Productions and it was distributed by the Columbia Pictures. Grown Ups has also won an award of Best Line in 2011 in MTV Movies Awards. A simple but subtle line “I want to get chocolate wasted!” badged the award for the film. A story revolving around friends always captures the attention of the audience as we can easily relate to the things shown in the movie. Most of the emotions and challenges showcased by the characters of the film are usually an experience of a normal human being. Such emotions, challenges covered up with a beautiful comic timing is like an icing on the cake. 

The writer knows very well how to connect with the audience and as a result, these two great movies Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 were conceived. 

Adam Sandler a complete all-rounder is a Hollywood sensation who not only wins people’s hearts with his amazing acting but also through the immense talent loaded inside him. He is an extremely talented personality with a net worth of ten million US dollars. Sandler is a lead actor in the Grown-Ups series and has also played many lead roles in other movies. His acting career began in 1987 with The Cosby Show.

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With such amazing work done in Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2, we are eagerly waiting for Grown-Ups 3 to be released soon. Midst of all the speculations and rumors going around I wish that Grown Ups 3 gets released soon with its amazing Cast.

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