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How A Simple Time Clock Software Can Help With Labor Law Compliance


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What do we think about labor law compliance for businesses, we know that time and attendance tracking are essential for this, no matter the size of the organization or the industry. Inaccurate record-keeping can easily result in damaged employee relationships, lawsuits, and hefty fines. Unfortunately, a lot of companies nowadays still rely on manual timekeeping methods. This can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and it will leave a lot of room for fraud. This is where a simple time clock software comes in and we will help you understand how a platform like this can help with labor law compliance.

You will be able to get accurate information

When you opt for simple time clock software, you will be able to get accurate time tracking. Manual time tracking can be prone to errors and it can easily be manipulated and this will ultimately lead to inaccurate records. When you don’t get accurate reports, this will result in labor law violations, like misclassifying employees, paying less than the minimum wage, or failing to pay overtime. When you opt for a good platform, the need for manual tracking will be eliminated, and by that, you will get reduced errors and you will have access to an accurate record of employees’ hours.

The overtime will be automatically calculated

Calculating overtime is a complex task and it is prone to errors. This is true for both small and large companies, but if you have a business that works a lot with hourly paid employees, you already know how difficult it can be to be accurate with the overtime calculations. A simple time clock software will accurately and automatically calculate over time based on the numbers worked by any employee. This feature will ensure that your company pays its employees accurately for the hours worked, and it will prevent any potential violations. In addition to this, it will simplify payroll processing and it will save you and your HR personnel a lot of time and effort.

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Your brand will be in full compliance with break and meal period laws

A lot of countries and states have laws that require every employer to provide meal and break times for their employees. Nevertheless, it can be pretty challenging to track these periods by hand. When you opt for a good platform that automatically checks everything, you will be able to accurately comply with the state laws. You will be able to eliminate any potential labor law violations and you will ensure that your employees get what they deserve by law.

You will prevent time theft

In every business, there is at least one person who tries to report more hours than they actually worked. Some people tried to clock in for colleagues, take longer breaks, or just are away from their allocated location and still try to say that they have worked throughout the day. When you opt for a good time clock software, it will prevent time theft by requiring everyone to clock in and out. This way you will get accurate records of everyone’s work hours. Your brand will be able to monitor employee attendance and you will be able to take action before something bad happens.

A simple time clock software we’ll greatly benefit your brand, you will be in compliance with labor laws, and ultimately you will create a better environment for you and everyone else who works for you.

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