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How Black Banx makes travelling worry-free


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There is no denying that digital technology has a significant impact on the travel industry. Currently, fintech has also altered how people are paying for it. 

The travel sector has undergone significant change since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, adjusting to what is now normal by creating and growing a range of services and products. Since the industry’s data continue to recover from the pandemic, there is a real need to adapt. Travel firms are collaborating with services from other industries, such as fintech companies, to better satisfy the demands of consumers. 

Fintech leaders like Black Banx in the travel industry have the ability to broaden revenue sources for enterprises, cut expenses, and enhance the consumer experience. Fintechs are viewed by leaders in the travel industry as not only a high priority but also a crucial investment for harnessing the anticipated resurgence in travel. 

Black Banx has revolutionised the travel sector by facilitating customer access to banking services linked to travel, including travel protection, foreign exchange, and electronic payment options to choose from. Learn how Black Banx is enhancing your overall travel experience.

Financial issues in travels

In some instances, the tourism sector’s fight for effective, individualised client experiences has come down to the ultimate struggle with the financial obstacles that come with travelling elsewhere. In terms of travel, Black Banx has been able to significantly alter the situation. 

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Before we go through how Black Banx is making your travel worry-free, let us have a quick overview of the financial issues that travellers frequently encounter:

Exchanging currencies

Travellers must exchange their native currency for the local currency before leaving for a distant nation. Due to the high costs and subpar conversion rates charged by traditional currency exchange providers, this can be costly.

Incurring high travel costs

Budgeting for all the costs associated with travel can be difficult because it can be costly. The budget of a traveller may also be affected by unforeseen costs, such as health issues or travel disruptions.

Being charged for foreign transactions

Travellers may be charged international transaction fees by their banking institution or credit card provider while using their debit or credit cards overseas. These costs can easily mount up and increase the cost of travel.

Falling victim to fraud or identity theft

Travelling could raise the possibility of identity theft and fraud because you can use your credit card or give your personal data to websites or sellers you do not know.

Your financial-travel buddy

By increasing brand efficiency and consumer focus, technological innovations that streamline travel transactions can significantly alleviate the industry’s issue with payment connectivity. Consumers are becoming increasingly connected and cashless; therefore, Black Banx’s developments are essential now more than ever. 

By utilising technologies that make banking activities simpler and more effective, Black Banx helps customers travel in a number of ways.

Online payments

You can benefit greatly from mobile payments because they offer a quick and secure option to make purchases while on a journey. You may use their phones to make payments for products and services with Black Banx’s payment options. It makes transactions quicker and easier by eliminating the need to carry cash or credit cards. This is especially helpful when visiting locations where it would not be safe or practicable to carry big sums of cash.

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Customers can also use carefully chosen, top-tier worldwide banking networks for processing money through Black Banx’s business and personal accounts without any transaction limits. As a result, even if you are travelling, you can still hold or manage money in many FIAT and cryptocurrencies, as well as transmit and accept local and international payments very quickly. 

International fund transfers

Travellers can benefit greatly from international fund transfers because they offer a practical and affordable way of sending and receiving money internationally. Without needing to physically contact a bank or financial service provider, international fund transfers let you send or get money from any part of the globe.

Globalisation has increased the number of people who live and work overseas or remotely, creating an increased need for cross-border services.  Customers seek low-cost, real-time, international transactions, but traditional banks are unable to give them the services they need. 

Black Banx currently works in 180 countries and provides services on an international platform. By expanding from its present customer base of 20 million retail clients and 1.5 million commercial customers, Black Banx ensures efficiency everywhere it runs. You can use it to immediately send money practically anytime around the world. If you need to transfer or receive money immediately but have no access to conventional financial services, this is extremely helpful.

Currency exchange

Black Banx assists travellers with currency exchange by offering quick and affordable ways to convert money. It provides competitive rates, minimal costs, and easy options for currency exchange thanks to the use of modern technology and electronic platforms, making it simpler and more economical for you to exchange currencies while on the go.

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Moreover, by combining the capabilities of a cryptocurrency exchange with its fully functional banking platform, Black Banx’s innovative cryptocurrency solution gives customers autonomy. Customers can now pay third parties straight from the platform using their crypto balance with this.

Black Banx’s other products and services that travellers could take advantage of include the following:

  • International payments in 28 FIAT and 2 cryptocurrencies using local instant  settlement systems where possible (e.g. FPS, SEPA instant credit, etc.)
  • Inter-platform instant payments in 28 FIAT and 2 cryptocurrencies
  • Multi-Currency Mastercard Debit Card (plastic and metal) + virtual cards
  • Real-time 24/7 currency exchange services 
  • Real-time 24/7 crypto trading services 
  • Interest-bearing savings accounts in EURO, USD, GBP, JPY  

Every second counts in the rapidly evolving world we live in. The desire for user-friendly finance solutions and flexible services especially for travelling is increasing. The travel sector might have to evolve to stay ahead of these emerging trends and to continue to provide travellers with quality service. Success in the travel sector may depend on fintech companies like Black Banx that place an emphasis on efficiency, ease, and quality – in the name of making the travels of an explorer as you worry-free.

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