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How Tattoo Artists Can Ease Clients and Make Them Feel More Comfortable


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It doesn’t matter how many tattoos you’ve had done, getting tattooed can be painful, and the anticipation before the treatment can be daunting for many people. As a professional tattoo artist, part of your job is to take the fear out of the experience and help your clients feel more at ease. Here are a few ways you can make the tattoo experience as pleasant as possible for your clients.

  • Build Rapport

When it comes to new customers, you need to make sure you build rapport so that they feel confident in your abilities. Moreover, building trust at the beginning will also help them feel comfortable around you, which will decrease their fear of getting a painful tattoo. Be open, honest, and friendly. If your clients enjoy your company, they will feel more at ease when you tattoo them.

  • Create an Inviting Work Environment

A messy studio with blood and ink splattering everywhere is unhygienic, and it can truly repel new customers. Create an inviting work environment by furnishing your studio with stylish, comfortable pieces and by keeping it clean. Your work area and equipment, such as tattoo machines, should be regularly cleaned and sterilized. In addition, you can present awards and certificates on a wall to give clients a good understanding of your experience and expertise.

  • Manage Your Client’s Expectations

At the end of the day, getting a tattoo requires some level of pain for most people. However, you can prepare your client by managing their expectations. During the consultation with your client, let them know how long you think the tattoo will take to complete and how many sessions they need. Many first-timers are apprehensive about the amount of pain they’ll have to endure. At least with a time scale, they have a rough idea of how long the process will be. It will also give them a chance to plan enough time for their session and manage their expectations for aftercare.

  • Preparation Tips

Your customers should be well aware of what they need to do before their session. For instance, having breakfast before a morning session will give them the energy to endure it, while avoiding alcohol the day before will help them feel at their best on the day. A few tips about what to bring with them on the day will also be appreciated. Comfortable clothes, snacks, and headphones might help clients feel at ease during a session.

  • Help Your Client Feel More Comfortable

You can help your client feel more comfortable by creating a relaxed atmosphere with good music, friendly chat, and an ergonomic tattoo chair or bed. If your client prefers to put on their headphones, watch a movie or listen to their own tunes, that’s fine too. Be responsive to your client’s needs to ensure they feel as relaxed as possible during the session.

  • Tailor the Sessions to Your Client’s Needs

Pain is subjective. If the client is finding it difficult to manage their pain, give them the option of getting tattooed in several sessions rather than one long one. The prospect of shorter sessions may make the pain easier to cope with. In addition, you may find it easier to tattoo the client as they won’t move around as much.

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