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How Can A Round of Golf Help Your Business To Grow?


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You’re the head of a business, and in 2023, you want it to boom, especially if, like many, the last few years have been a bit shaky. So, have you thought about golf?

No, this isn’t a joke! The game viewed as the preserve of doctors, judges, and retired people can be a great benefit to those who want to expand their businesses, and it has nothing to do with the plaid shorts! So what’s the link between the two? Read on to find out!


Starting with the most obvious, golf is often played by business professionals. As such, this often indicates that they have free time on their hands and the money to buy custom made hats from Anthem Branding. But, more than this, it allows you as a business owner to meet them in a setting away from the city, the office, and the tension often associated with the working world. Golf can and does provide a relaxed and informal setting for making new connections and building relationships. So, next time you’re on the course, keep your eyes and ears open; your next business partner might just be teeing off next to you!

Client Entertainment

Suppose you have a client who’s interested in working with your company; how do you close the deal? Of course, you could take them out to lunch, but that could be loud and crowded, depending on the restaurant you go to. So, it’s time to hit the golf course with the convenience of an extra light golf bag, making your round more enjoyable and effortless! Golf can be used as a tool for entertaining clients, building rapport, and demonstrating company values. And, of course, once the game is over, you’ll be able to chat over a meal at the club that runs the course, further impressing your new client. Great work!

Team Building

Many people are puzzled about how golf, a game where one person hits a ball, can be considered as a team-building game. But golf can be an effective way for businesses to build teamwork and improve relationships among employees. So, in the world of business, it can help to get your team out of the office and onto the golf course to help improve productivity. 


Larger businesses can use golf to promote their name. Many companies sponsor golf events, tournaments, and holes to increase brand visibility and recognition among a targeted audience. And the best thing about this is that you don’t have to play the course or feel that your skills are rusty when you hit the ball into the rough! 

Sales and Negotiations

Negotiations between business partners can be stressful and tense, especially if they happen in an office. But golf provides an opportunity to discuss business deals, negotiate, and close deals while enjoying a leisure activity in the fresh air, surrounded by beautiful scenery. In no uncertain terms, you’re more likely to close a deal, get a sale, or hammer out the details of a negotiation on a golf course than you would be in a crowded office in the middle of the city. 

So, learn the difference between a 5 iron and a sand wedge and get yourself and your team onto the golf course!

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