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How Digital Marketing Can Transform your Small Business


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A lot of people mistakenly think that digital marketing is only for large companies and corporations, when in fact, online marketing services can be tailored to suit any business. Whether a one-man show or a multinational corporation, there are strategies to drive traffic and with search engine optimisation, the company website will be well-ranked with Google and other search engines.  

Here are some of the digital marketing strategies that small businesses benefit from:

1. SEO is everything

We live in a digital world and with millions of consumers using Google and other search engines to source products and services, your website must be optimised for Google searches. Some digital marketing agencies like Parramatta SEO proudly boast they can put a target website on the first page of Google search results, driving high organic traffic to the landing page. If you would like to find out where your site ranks, simply type in the type of business you operate (retail, wholesale, agency etc) and your location; for example, office equipment, Australia. If you are way back on page 21, you won’t be getting any traffic, research shows that the consumer buys within the first 10 search results.

2. Power of Social Media

Every man and his dog have a Facebook account; if you run a small service firm that covers a specific region, you can reach the right users with engaging ads. Create a business page and get to know the many powerful marketing tools; whether you are selling steel lockers or service, a team of social media marketers can put your business on the local community map.

3. Generate a large following

If you unblock drains, for example, you need to reach as many homeowners and offer a great package; you can create videos that show the cam footage when buggies are sent down the drainage pipes; create bios for staff and with regular posts and prompt replies to comments, you can gradually increase your social media following. A homeowner may not have drain issues but they decide to follow just in case, so they know who to contact if the worst should happen – hiring a local social media marketing agency is the best way forward, they would audit your digital presence (for free) and formulate a dynamic plan that delivers.

4. Online reviews

The largest is Google Reviews and if you can get 4.5 (or higher) stars on that platform, people know you are a quality outfit. It takes time to develop a top online reputation and you need to be customer-focused to please everyone.

5. Listing with directories

If you run a service business, list all the top local associations, federations and other organisations that connect businesses with other businesses or directly to the consumer. If you call in a digital marketing agency, they would have this wrapped up within an hour, while using other strategies to put your business on the map. Networking produces results, regardless of the business sector.

Start your quest for maximum digital exposure by Googling ‘digital marketing agencies near me’ and arrange a free Zoom call to discuss the possibilities. You can also join a good digital marketing course.



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