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A Blueprint to Building Domain Authority with Backlinks


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Improving your website’s Domain Authority is pivotal for ranking higher in search engines and driving more organic traffic. While quality content plays a role, accumulating authoritative backlinks remains the most impactful factor dictating your overall DA. This blueprint breaks down a methodical approach to structuring an effective link building campaign tailored for amplifying domain authority metrics.  

Target Websites with High Domain Rating

The foundation begins with solely focusing on websites with a high Domain Rating or Domain Authority for your backlink outreach and content promotion. Domain Rating is Moz’s metric that predicts how influential a site is for link juice/equity using a 1-100 score. Target websites with a DR above 50 initially.

Tools such as Ahref’s Site Explorer, Moz’s Link Explorer and Majestic’s Trust Flow allow you to filter websites by their DA or DR. Identify the top power players in your industry niche and document website details, page authority, contact info, and existing link profile. Outreach to just five of these influential sites a week via link building services UK can compound domain gains over time.

Diversify Backlink Type and Location

The next step is varying the type of backlinks you acquire to look natural to search engines. Target a mix of:

  • Branded anchor text links 
  • URL links
  • Image links
  • Widget links 

Place them in diverse locations as well including:

  • Blog posts and articles, including niche edits to add links into existing content
  • Sidebars 
  • Footers
  • Resource pages
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This diversity signals that people genuinely want to link to your content instead of over-optimised tactics.

Create Link-worthy Assets

Now develop the type of resources and content that the domains you uncovered would naturally link out to. Study what they currently find valuable enough to link to. Common options include:

  • Data studies/surveys
  • Statistics reports 
  • Tools or calculators
  • Trend reports
  • Interviews
  • Ultimate guides
  • Product comparisons

Offer incredible value, promote assets without forcibly asking for a link, and watch them link to your site’s expertise.

Promote Assets Through Initial Outreach 

Once you assemble link-worthy assets, document all the relevant pages, resource hubs, and contact forms where they would be useful on sites with high DRs. Then reach out via:  

  • One-to-one emails
  • Social media
  • Comments
  • Guest posting

Make it clear in initial contact how your asset benefits the website’s audience rather than boasting its link-building potency.

Track and Evaluate Progress 

Make use of analytics tools throughout your execution of this domain authority link building blueprint: 

  • Chart your Domain Authority growth month to month using Moz, Ahrefs, or SEMRush. 
  • Continuously check which links send the most equity and amplification. 
  • Redirect efforts towards tactics showing traction and results.

Stick with what works until you hit a desired DA milestone before expanding partnerships.

Laser focusing your link building to solely partner with authoritative sites bearing the highest DRs or DAs is imperative for moving the needle on your overall domain authority. But variation and diversity in link types, locations, and assets matter too. This allows your backlink profile and domain authority climb to look natural in the eyes of Google. Establish a few core partnerships first before expanding outward to push your DA numbers to the next level consistently.

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