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How Much Will I Receive After My Slip and Fall Lawsuit?


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You’re probably wondering about how much compensation will be made to you after you experience a slip and fall accident. This depends on the slip and fall damages you incur meaning your case could be below average or higher than average. In addition, it is difficult to determine the average slip and fall compensation because many slips and fall lawsuits are compensated before trial plus each case is unique. Nevertheless, several factors should assist you to get an idea of the value of your claim.

Medical bills
Slip and fall damages include real monetary bills you incur when seeking medical treatment related to your fall. Therefore, your settlement for a fall should be equal to your monetary losses as well as pain and suffering compensation. You can use medical bills from doctors, hospitals, and therapy centers to demonstrate how much damages you incurred from the slip and fall accident. Additionally, you should retain written records of transportation costs and physician’s assessment of pain and discomfort while recovering from your injuries. These records can help your attorney build a strong case against the defendant as well as ensure you win a fair settlement.

Lost Wages
Slip and fall damages result in time-consuming appointments from doctors to therapists who ensure you fully recover from the injuries. As a result, you may miss going to work leading to a loss of salary or wages. However, you can claim compensation for lost wages you would have earned by asking your employer to verify, in writing, your typical wage rate and the amount of time you missed work due to the slip and fall accident.

Loss of Earning Capacity

An injury can be so severe that you cannot perform any type of work you initially performed comfortably. As a result, you end up earning less than you previously earned. However, you can seek compensation for your ‘lost earning capacity by asking for testimony from a rehabilitation specialist, who can testify in support of your claim, after an evaluation of your damages, profession, and your prospects for future work. By seeking assistance from an attorney, such as the slip and fall attorneys at Salamati Law in Los Angeles, who will be able to prove that the damages have impacted your capacity to earn, the property owner can compensate for this loss by paying for your training of another skill or paying an agreed amount of money for your reduced earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering
The value of pain and suffering is impossible to determine in a spill and fall injury. This is because there are no measuring tools to estimate the amount of pain and suffering you might be going through. However, your medical bills can be used as a starting point to calculate the amount of pain and suffering compensation you are entitled to, as well as evaluate the severity and permanency of your injury. That being the case, an attorney can use this information to determine the appropriate multiplier to use for the value of your pain and suffering.

While it is difficult to determine the average slip and fall compensation, you should seek assistance from a lawyer who can help by advising on whether you should take your case to trial or accept a settlement before trial.

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