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How Maryland’s Workers Comp Commission Works


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Workers comp commission is a body that enforces the employee’s compensation when they get injured on the job. The compensation amount received differs based on various factors, and sometimes you might not get any compensation.

WCC in Maryland is strict on employers as all of them are required to have workers’ compensation insurance in case of any work-related injuries to the employees. The WCC mostly covers medical expenses and lost wages. 

Below is a breakdown of how WCC in Maryland works.

1.Receives Report From Employer

The first thing to do when an injury occurs at work is to report the incident to the employer. The earlier you do that, the better the employer can have enough time to file the workers’ compensation claim. 

However, there are some documents you must fill out before the claim is submitted to the workers’ compensation commission. These documents will help the commission learn of the circumstances surrounding your case and help determine the case’s fate.

2. Looks At The Claim Documents

Once the commission has the report from the employer, they will examine the documents presented to them to see how valid your case is. WCC in Maryland uses the information on the documents filed with the claim to determine whether your case needs a hearing.

3. Schedules A Hearing

In cases where the WCC needs more evidence and facts about the case, you will be required to attend a hearing. In the hearing, the victim should bring witnesses and any evidence to help show how the accident happened and prove that it happened while working. 

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Such details are important because they help determine how much compensation a victim is awarded. A doctor’s report is also necessary to show the level of damage that the injury caused.

4. The Claim Is Granted Or Denied

It is the work of the workers’ compensation commission in Maryland to determine whether an injury case should be awarded compensation. They determine the validity of your case by examining the facts presented through the claim and all documents involved. 

Sometimes they will consider the account of witnesses when making this decision. It can end up in compensation or not, depending on how well you presented your case. Therefore, working with the best lawyers is essential to drive a positive outcome.

5. Attorney Fees Payment

Once the case is determined and the compensation awarded, the victim will now pay the legal team the agreed amount of the compensation. In such cases, lawyers only get paid if the cases were successful. You agree on a specific percentage of the compensation, and the lawyers’ fee depends on the compensation amount.


WCC in Maryland does a good job of ensuring that injured workers get fair compensation. However, the victim must present a strong case to improve the chances of getting good compensation. 

Working with excellent workers’ compensation attorneys should be easy. If you have any injuries obtained on a work assignment, reach out to a workers’ compensation attorney today and get the compensation you deserve.


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