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How to Improve Your Skills for Playing Casino Games: Top 5 Methods from a Daily Gambler


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Casino games are 10/10 entertainment for those seeking thrill and some adrenalin from the cozy safety of their home. Like most games, casino gambling games require knowledge and practice, though. They are barely enjoyable if you neglect the rules and… merely don’t understand how to play. Lacking skill in REAL MONEY games can even lead to detrimental consequences! 

So, I want to help you and novice gamblers to up your skills as soon as possible so that you make this entertainment ACTUALLY enjoyable. My guide starts… right now! 

Strategy 1: Choose 1-2 Games and MASTER Them! 

Being the #1 in everything is… okay, theoretically, it is possible. Regarding more realistic scenarios, though, a person is likelier to be either good in a few games or mediocre in many. 

I recommend focusing on a couple of games you like most and playing them. The top options for beginners are slot machines because they require the minimum skill, have the simplest controls, and are good for improving your money-management skills. Since that is a luck-based game, the only strategies for it are bankroll management ones. 

Note! Jackpot slot machines are the toughest to master, but there are novice-friendly titles with daily jackpots. I recommend this selection of Jackpot casino slots because that collection is audited for RNG, is provably fair, and is also available on the top online gambling sites that guarantee responsible gambling. Plus, you can play for free in most online casinos! 

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For players who like card games more, I recommend this live Blackjack! It’s a simple and fast-paced game that requires a combo of skill and strategy. Easy to master — easy to win! 

Of course, you can do the same with Poker, Keno, Plinko, etc. 

Strategy 2: Play Safe and Most Rewarding Games for Practice 

Some casino games are coded to be rewarding and merciful to your wallet. The best action here is to focus on them and minimize risks while you build your strategies and get used to the casino thrills. 

Here is how I usually pick the safest casino gambling games! 

  • Check RTP — ReturnToPlayer is a %%% of what you can theoretically get back in the long run. For instance, you click a slot machine with 97% RTP and spend $100 on it. In the ideal scenario, such a game gives you at least $97 back, almost restoring your initial bankroll. Still, the developers of online casino games use simulations with billions of spins, making RTP not that useful of a metric. It’s only important when you also know the…
  • SRP — StatisticalReturntoPlayer is how rewarding a particular game is RIGHT NOW, in its HOT cycle. Some games might have SRPs of 600% and even more. When the SRP is bigger than the RTP, a game is in its hot period and gives players more rewards. 
  • Volatility — That is how risky a game is. The lower the volatility, the more small wins you will get. Highly volatile games, in turn, are those rewarding you rarely, but those rewards are huge. Sometimes, I also check hit frequency (that is in how many rounds a game usually pays; for example, 20% HF means you are likely to get a win once in 5 spins)
  • Max win — The maximum multiplier you can get. For instance, a slot machine with an X10K max win can give you $10K for a $1 bet (you have to be mad lucky, though). 
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These are the four pillars of a strategy for finding the safest and most rewarding games! 

Strategy 3: Watch the Masters Play and Adopt Their Strategies 

Many online gambling channels exist! Create a list of casino letsplayers you like most, watch their Twitch streams, and analyze their videos. You might get insights and try their approaches to games. Of course, you can also add a speck of uniqueness to their strategies to optimize them for your sessions. 

Strategy 4: Join Online Gambling Communities 

One word: AskGamblers. Okay, four words: AskGamblers and the like. What I’ve mentioned is the biggest online gambling community where the top risk-takers share their experiences and insights. 

Some other options include Twitter (X), WhatsApp gambling groups, and Reddit Gambling Community. 

Strategy 5: Play Systematically, with Good Breaks 

Rome wasn’t built in one day or something (you get the idea). Do not rush and spend more than it’s okay to lose! You have a lot of time to master the games you like and become a professional gambler. 

At the beginning of my career, I almost fell victim to excessive gambling. Later, I started playing for no longer than an hour daily at a specific time. Right now, I allow myself to play daily from 8 to 9 PM, and only on Saturday I can start earlier and enjoy casino games for longer. Still, I’m always morally prepared to close the tab when it’s only 10 minutes before 9 PM. 

Final Words 

Best of luck! May all gods of fortune support you on the way to gambling riches. Stay responsible and enjoy online gambling to the maximum!

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