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How to Acquire New Customers Through Cold Emailing?


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Are you trying to attract more clients but don’t know where to start? You are in the right place.

Many companies rely on cold calling and networking to keep their client base full. These techniques work well, but cold emailing is another option you should consider.

I understand what you are thinking. Isn’t it spammy or inefficient to send cold emails? Maybe they are if you write them wrongly. Great cold emails can help to get more clients than ever before. but make sure you use a good email validation service. It is very important when you are sending cold emails; If you don’t use an email validation service, you can face low email deliverability. You can visit the blog on the Top 10 email verification services compared by AccuWebHosting.

Follow me as I show you how to use cold email effectively to grow your company.

Personalize every email

Do not use a copied and pasted email template. It is easy to see through and appears disingenuous. It is worth spending a few minutes to customize each email. This little effort can make or break whether leads respond to your emails and engage with them.

You can easily achieve it through cold email software that will make your cold emails more effective and have a higher chance of getting a reply.

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How do you accomplish this? First, make sure you include the lead’s name and company in your email. A second way to make your comment is to include a link to their blog or recent client projects. It shows that you have done your research and are not just another automated sender of mass emails. You can use a Godaddy email account if you are using a domain purchased by GoDaddy. Here is a full guide for Godaddy’s email account login.

Email the decision-maker within the company

You won’t get anywhere if you email customer service or a generic email address on a website. It is important to identify the decision-maker in a company before you can pitch.

For example, if you offer app development services, you will need the email address of the chief technology officer. It will convert their email address more often because they are the ones in charge of this department.

Use LinkedIn to find out who is responsible for what area of a company that you are interested in pitching.

End With a Call to Action

A reply rate can drop if an email doesn’t lead to a destination. It encourages people to make a statement or ask a question and keeps the conversation moving toward a goal.

You can use it to send cold emails with actions

  • Make phone calls or schedule meetings
  • Ask them if they think you would be a good match.
  • Ask to verify that you are speaking with the correct person in charge.

Make a Buyers Persona

Your ideal client is your buyer’s persona. It will include their company size, demographics, and products. Cold emailing is more effective when you have a buyer persona. It allows you to reach the companies you are most comfortable working with and need your services.

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For example, you might target seven- to eight-figure B2C companies. To show future leads, you would build a portfolio within this space. It will increase the likelihood of them converting. You can also build a reputation by mastering one area.

Email at the right hours and days

You may not know, but some specific hours and days have higher open and reply rates than others. These are the most important things to do if you want to be serious about cold emailing.

It has been proven that Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the best days for sending emails. The best times to send emails are between 6:00 am, 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 8:00 pm.

Mondays are a bad day for email leads as they get into work and have many messages. Weekends are the same, and people don’t usually work.

Because it allows leads to finish their Monday work on Monday, the middle of the week can be very effective. It will make them more open to receiving your emails.

If you want to learn everything about email marketing for free then you must need to follow the blog about building email marketing campaigns from TechySUMO. I am sure it will help you a lot.

Do not underestimate the power of following up.

A lead opens a message but doesn’t respond. Although this can be discouraging, it is quite normal. It has been shown that closing sales can often take up to five follow-ups starting at the initial point of contact.

Entrepreneurs are often busy, especially high-ranking executives. It is important to get to them when they are most active. They will not give a random email the highest priority in an inbox.

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If you send an email at times, I have mentioned, and keep in touch every few days, you will be able to get a response that could lead to a new client relationship.



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