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How To Create A Stylish And Comfortable Reading Nook In Your Bedroom


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Often the bedroom is perceived only for sleeping, but there are so many activities that we do in the bedroom to relax and unwind ourselves. Some people like to watch TV before they go to bed, and they make sure to install stylish TV units, while there are people who like to read. Reading is the best therapy for our brain. It transports to a world of imagination and ignites our thought process. How about creating a nice reading corner in your very own bedroom? Like the idea? Read on to get inspired.

  1. Add a huge armchair- If you have a smaller bedroom, then placing a single, large armchair beside the window is a perfect place to sink in and read your favorite novel or magazine. The color of the armchair can be totally in contrast with your bedroom wall color to make it stand out.
  2. Add a loveseat- If your room permits, adding a loveseat in your bedroom can create a room for two people to sit comfortably and read at the same time. If you don’t have a large window in the room, then choose the corner away from the bed to dedicate to creating the reading nook. You can easily explore various models of sofa sets online, but before you buy sofa online, ensure to keep the measurements of the space handy with you to make an informed decision. 
  3. Add enough cushions- Whether you are placing a single chair or an entire sofa, add enough cushions to support your back when you slouch your back and settle down comfortably to read. Make this nook exciting by adding bright, colorful cushions. 
  4. Add a side table- If you are wondering why you need a side table, then let us tell you, that there would be times when you want to cozy up and read, while your partner wants the lights turned off to go to sleep. For such times you can utilize this side table to play an elegant lamp to give you enough lighting to read, without disturbing others. You can also place your glasses, snacks, water, and the drawer can also hold a couple of your books. 
  5. Add a footrest- While reading we like to move into comfortable positions and stretch our legs. So placing a small ottoman is a good idea to do that. There are times when we like to nap right away after reading, so the footrest provides just the right support. 
  6. Add a small rug- Place your reading nook furniture on a small, soft rug to create a nice luxurious feel for your feet.
  7. Decorate the corner- You can make your reading nook stand out by decorating it with family photo frames on the wall, or your favorite quotes, or placing a potted plant close by. You can also add a fashionably woven throw to make the whole corner look very comfy.
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A classic, simple reading corner is so easy to create with the above ideas, go ahead and try it!

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