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How to Fax Your Important Documents Conveniently and Efficiently


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Because faxing has always provided a level of security and convenience that other methods of transmission couldn’t deliver, it’s still the preferred solution in the healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and financial services industries. However, with the rise of cloud technology, faxing has become even more secure and convenient than ever before.

Being able to fax without paper and scanners produces cost savings, greater efficiency, and less storage space. In addition, by integrating faxing services with cloud storage applications and business or personal platforms, you can securely fax sensitive document files using a computer or mobile device.

Easily Integrate Faxing With Secure Cloud Storage Apps

Indeed, through an online solution, multi-page documents can be attached to faxes with a push of a button, rather than taking time to scan them one by one. This paperless approach improves workplace productivity and cost-efficiency while making sure no one can look at or steal your sensitive documents. Finding places and making space to store the documents is no longer an issue. In fact, you can integrate your faxing service with cloud storage apps, like: 

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • iCloud
  • Box

Cost-savings are realized when you no longer need to buy paper or extra software. Moreover, there’s no need to purchase filing cabinets or rent space to store documents. Additionally, you save time not standing at the fax machine scanning page after page. Integrating faxing with cloud storage apps offers convenience, security, and efficiency.

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Convenient Faxing From Your Computer or Mobile Applications

Speaking of convenience, you don’t have to go far to fax any sensitive documents, as your computer or mobile devices are ready to use as fax machines. Here are some examples of applications that can be integrated with a cloud-based fax service.

Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) Platforms

Medical professionals and patients may have to send sensitive health data documents to each other or others. With cloud-based faxing services, you can send records and documents formatted in PDF or any text file. These files can be received and stored on your computer or mobile device.

Project Management Applications

While managing a project in the manufacturing or construction industries, you may need to notify other employees if and when specifications change. When this happens, you might need a method to quickly transmit documentation, such as schematics, specification drawings, blueprints, pictures, or change notices. A cloud-based fax service will allow you to fax the following:

  • All AutoCAD-compatible versions, DFX
  • Adobe Photoshop, PSD
  • JPEG or JPG files
  • TIFF or TIF files
  • BMP files

Another supported graphics format is the CompuServe graphics interchange format (GIF). Being able to fax any file in your project management platform will allow quick alerts to changes as they happen.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Sales, marketing, and advertising teams may have to send spreadsheets, contracts, and presentations to prospects, customers, or other employees. You can fax supported files, such as CSV, SHW, XLS, XLSX, PUB, PPT, PPTX, WPG, and QPW. Transmitting and receiving sensitive spreadsheets, contracts, and presentations securely and quickly will enhance the customer relationship process.

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Take Advantage of the Benefits of Online Faxing

After learning the ins and outs of online faxing, it’s time to make the next move. However, don’t just choose a fax service because it’s the most popular or the cheapest option. Instead, do a little due diligence. Ultimately, know that integrating an online faxing service with your preferred cloud storage app and operation platforms delivers the ability to send, receive, and store sensitive documents while saving space securely, conveniently, and efficiently.


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