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How To Figure Out the Software Problem On iPhone


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Software problems in iPhones are not an uncommon thing. When getting updated with the installation of a new iOS, update tend to create trouble in the software system. These updates might cause several problems when you are shifting your old iOS to the latest iOS. But guess what? These problems need to get fixed when they create such problems. All these iPhone software issues; can be quickly resolved if you try it on your own. If nothing else works, you can google out iPhone repair near me shops. But first, let us concentrate on how we can solve the iPhone software issue without going to a mobile repair shop.

Tips to fix iPhone Software Problem

1) Lost of Data after Update

Sometimes it happens that, after we update our iOS to a recent version, we lose our phone’s previous data. It could be a software problem. Thus, to avoid losing your hands on your data, you can backup all your important photos, videos, and documents in your iCloud or iTunes. It will ensure that no matter how many times you update your iOS, your data will not go anywhere and will get safely stored in your backup, which is either iCloud or iTunes.

2) White Screening

The white screen or screen death could result from a failed iOS update or a hardware glitch in iPhone. The problem can fix in multiple numbers of ways. Firstly, restart your iPhone. It is supposed to fix the problem, but if it doesn’t, then you need to move to the next solution. You can hard reset or factory reset your phone. But if this resetting also fails, you can opt for rebooting in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode. But remember that both of the last solutions to the iPhone white screen of death will surely erase all the previously stored data in your phone. Before taking any of such steps, it is strongly recommended to backup all your data in your iCloud or iTunes.

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3) iPhone Overheating

Sometimes, the iPhone tends to become overheated. It may take place because of many reasons. However, this is not a very uncommon problem and, it can get fixed easily too. All you need to do is take your phone to a colder environment. Remove the case of the phone and then switch it off for some time. It may fix the problem, but if it does not, then factory reset your phone.

Moreover, the factory reset will vanish all the data on your phone. So, before doing this, back up all your data. Another solution to the problem could be updating your iOS. It is also known to solve the problem of an overheating iPhone.

4) Battery Draining Faster

Many iPhone users have addressed the problem of the iPhone battery draining at an alarming rate. It could be due to the latest update too. Perhaps the phone goes through much processing when it is getting upgraded, and this is why the iPhone battery tends to drain. If you want to figure out whether the problem is taking place because of updating your phone, you check your phone’s battery health after you upgrade it. If it is so and if you want to increase the battery life, then turn off the auto-brightness on your screen. Go to settings, then general, then accessibility, and then display accommodation. Keep the brightness manually at a low mode.

Turning apps refreshing in the background also helps in saving battery life. Go to settings, then general, and then background app refresh. Lastly, one thing that saves your battery from draining too fast is switching off the location services. Go to settings, then privacy, and then location services. Moreover, keeping your phone to low power battery mode also saves a lot of battery life.

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Software issues in iPhones are mainly caused because of upgrading them from time to time. It does leave you with many problems, but all of them can be resolved quickly. If you cannot determine them on your own, you can refer to Mobile Junction, an iPhone repair in London.

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