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How to get free leads for my business


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It doesn’t matter whether you are a scaling startup entrepreneur or an enterprise company; you are all going to be doing the same thing, generating revenue where you can. In the last decade, inbound marketing has been proven to be an excellent way to be able to do this because people are finding your service rather than you having to find the people.

However, to be able to make people recognize that your business is a leader, you still have to generate leads. People don’t just go from being completely unaware of who you are and what you do to being loyal customers in one moment. That means there is some work behind the scenes that you have to do. Customers have to go through a range of different stages before they’re ready to entertain a conversation about what you can do for them. They have to be aware of what you do. They have to be interested in what you sell. They have to consider whether you are the right company for them. They then have to evaluate and finally purchase.

Once this has been completed, that’s where you can get your leads. Ensuring that people are interested in what you have to sell doesn’t have to be hard, and it’s thanks to e-mail marketing that that’s the case. It’s a practice that’s holistic and it’s data-driven, which means that you can leverage content on your website to attract interested buyers and convert them into leads. Understanding that you can get free leads, however, is also important. You need to make sure that you are doing this yourself, because if you don’t have a marketing department or a team doing it for you, you may have to generate your own sales leads, and doing that for free is going to help save your budget. Here are the top three ways that you can get free business leads.

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Third-party listings

There are plenty of websites out there that can be an excellent source of leads for your sales team. If your business is selling a service that is in demand, then you can list your services to gain more leads. The best part about using third-party listings is that you have the potential to close it quickly because people are already looking for your services. When there’s a match between you and a potential client, they’ll want to get to work right away.

Create exciting content

The content should be recent, exciting to read, and relevant to the clients themselves. If you are creating exciting content, you are going to be able to attract the right people. You can do blogs, you can do short-form content, and you can do video content. Plenty of businesses are now turning to social media. Sites like TikTok and Facebook are able to create short-form videos that get people interested.

Get networking

The last way to get free leads is to network. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on social media sites or forums. You can network online with people in your market, or you can network in person at events. It can be a time-consuming way to acquire new leads, but it’s a great way to develop an understanding of what your customers are looking for. 

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