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How to Have Added Fortinet Network Security with Two Factor Authentication


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What is a Two Factor of Authentication

As the world has become more internet-based, a lot of companies have started to integrate online and hybrid working opportunities in their operation methods. Online working allows many employees to change their working environments and work from any location that they desire – allowing them to go on vacations without having to take time off. On the other hand, this work method has proven to make people more productive due to the changing scenery of their working environment.

Even though online working allows people to enjoy many benefits, it also has some drawbacks when connected to the security and protection of company confidential data. To illustrate, companies have started to upload most of their confidential data online or allow their employees remote access to company desktops via online platforms. Having everything stored online makes a company a threat to cyber-attacks and increases its chances of getting hacked. 

The usage of virtual private networks, like Fortinet, reduces the risks of hackers accessing data. Nevertheless, depending on a single username and password to a VPN account is not enough to secure data. 

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For that, most companies have added extra layers of protection, known as a two-factor authentication that requires additional information when signing in. So, when Fortinet two factor authentication is added to an account, those who try to sign into the account will have to prove their identities via an option chosen during the setup process. Hence, adding a 2FA is important to protect accounts and ensure a secure internet connection. 

How does connecting to a VPN help businesses

Connecting to a VPN account helps users to hide their identities on online platforms, which decreases the risks of leaking their usernames to the public. When an account username is known to others, it makes hacking much more easier. 

Additionally, a VPN connection allows employees to share confidential documents with their colleagues and customers without worrying about losing them to the public. 

Benefits of adding extra security measures to a company VPN account

A virtual private network is a great tool to work anonymously on online platforms; however, the accounts are not as secure as most companies like them to be. Generally, adding extra layers of security to company accounts is beneficial, but the first account businesses should start their 2FA operations is the VPN account. 

For instance, when a communication platform is secured with a 2FA, only that platform is secured. However, the whole internet connection is secured when a VPN account is secured. Thus, securing a VPN account is more beneficial for companies, and here are four basic steps to easily get started with adding additional layers of security. 

4 basic steps to easily secure a Fortinet VPN account with a 2FA

1- Dedicate time and effort to finding a reliable 2FA provider

First and foremost, managers need to dedicate time and effort to finding a reliable 2FA provider. As the demand for extra protection has increased, many spam applications have started to enter the market, which can cause major setbacks to companies. 

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So, to ensure you are using valid 2FA providers, read online reviews and research the application before connecting all company accounts to it. 

2- Submit an application for a company admin account

To use some 2FA applications, managers need to submit an application form to get an admin account. When applications require users to apply for an admin account, it is believed that the application is more reliable. 

So, by applying for an admin account, users will have a company account to which they can connect all other accounts, making the admin account responsible for allowing others access. 

3- Connect all the company accounts to the 2FA admin account

After getting approved for the 2FA admin account, managers now have access to spread the usage of the 2FA to their employees. They can connect the employee usernames to the 2FA, allowing those accounts to take advantage of using the extra layer of protection to their accounts. 

4- Set up all company accounts and reassure that the 2FA is working

Now that all company accounts are connected, managers need to ask their employees to add the extra layer of protection and set it up for their accounts. 

The setting up process is easy, where employees only need to choose the 2FA method they want to use – like a fingerprint scan, push notification, face recognition, etc.


To conclude, having a 2FA connected to an account is important to provide security and protection and ensure companies that their accounts are secured to the fullest extent. 

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