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How to Hire the Best Employees Fast


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There is not always time to hang around waiting to find the right candidate, and in a rush, it is important to focus the search. Having a clear idea of what is needed from an employee to fill an open role is necessary as broad requirements can make the process much longer. Carrying a set mindset into these recruitment methods will help to optimize the hiring process. To fill a vacancy quickly, consider the following for a rewarding result.

Utilize Technology

There are multiple trusted technologies available to boost a recruiter’s chances of finding talent in a rush. Job listing websites get millions of visitors a day, making them an opportune place to advertise a vacancy. A well-structured job listing is likely to receive an abundance of interest, even more if money is invested into promoting the vacancy to stand out amongst the crowd. Beyond spending to advertise, marketing new openings is easy to do with social media platforms. Networking this way is free and cost-effective for recruiters. To keep up with the multitude of candidates, an applicant tracking system is needed. Software for applicant tracking purposes makes the task easier by filtering out candidates that do not meet the expectations of the recruiters, making it simpler to prioritize desired talent.

Dedicate Time

Even in a rush, hiring a good employee fast is not easy without dedicating time to focus on hiring. Recruitment processes usually have multiple steps to confirm that it is the right person for the job, so setting aside a set number of days to follow through with interviews will reflect the satisfaction with the hire. Speeding through the recruitment process without attention to detail will lead to a poorly informed decision and potentially having to go through hiring again. Be sure to dedicate to the following areas to ensure the optimal candidate is discovered:

  • Identifying the job role and requirements
  • Publishing a high-quality job listing
  • Screening and shortlisting
  • Interviewing stages
  • Evaluation
  • Offer of employment

Hire Internally

It might help to consider looking within the workforce to pick out existing employees that could fill the opening. If a fresh perspective is not essential and the level of skill within the company is already meeting targets, hiring internally can save money and speed up the recruitment process. This is a good method of hiring fast but also showing appreciation for current employees by offering career progression with the business and rewarding consistent hard work.

Search Resumes 

As well as job listings, some sites offer the opportunity for job searchers to upload a resume. Recruiters can browse through relevant resumes to reach out to candidates that fit the opening. If there is poor engagement with a job listing, this can be an effective alternative way to network with impressive talent. Although scanning resumes can require concentration, it also accelerates the hiring process by allowing recruiters to hand-pick sought-after skills.

Use an Agency

If the task is too demanding for such a time restraint, it could be an investment to work with a recruitment agency temporarily. Agencies bring competitive employers and dedicated candidates together, sourcing applicants that meet the recruiter’s guidelines. If a recruiter does not have time to search resumes alone, an agency can handle the responsibility and speed run the screening process on behalf of the employer, who will then take on the responsibility of interviewing. Using an agency is worth considering when desperate to fill an opening within a reasonable amount of time.

To hire good employees fast, utilizing technology, dedicating time, hiring internally, searching resumes, and using an agency merits consideration. Investing energy into the recruitment process will result in an efficient, satisfactory hire.

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