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How to Increase Garage Door Security


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Your home’s garage door Virginia Beach VA is a major convenience, but becomes a hazard and puts your property at risk if not properly maintained. Secure your home garage door safe – and protect everything behind it- by following these important security tips.

From visual inspection to ongoing maintenance, here are the basics to check if you have a secure garage door. Also, whether it is operating safely and some additional safety tips to practice all year long.

  • Perform a Visual Inspection

Look for signs of wear on garage door springs, cables, pulleys, and other hardware. If there are signs of wear, call a technician.

  • Keep Hands and Fingers Clear

Especially when the door is moving, keep your hands and fingers clear from all joints, springs, hinges, and other critical moving door parts.

  • Test Reverse Monthly

The door should always reverse if there is an object in the way. Place a small cardboard box under the door and close it. If it does not reverse, a door technician needs to make safety repairs.

  • Test Door Balance Monthly

Disconnect the operator and try lifting the door and see if it lifts smoothly with little resistance. The door should remain open after lifting. If the door is off-balance, a technician needs to make adjustments.

Quick Facts about Garage Doors

The garage door lock is the largest moving part of your house and more than 70% of homeowners use their garage door as an entrance and exit! With that much heavy use, it is important to improve garage door security.

  • The average garage door can weigh between 150-160 pounds, creating deadly force when closing
  • In 2007, there were 12,700 garage door injuries
  • Garage doors witnesses over 20,000 emergency room visits for children yearly
  • The most common injuries from garage doors include pinching, crushing, and others

Top 4 Reasons to call Professionals for Garage Door Repairs:


  • Prevent you from the risk of injury

When you decide to fix the problems of your garage door on your own. Safety concerns are vitally essential. The chances are high that you could hurt yourself from parts assembled in your garage door, such as torsion springs.

  • Protect you from making the problem worse

A YouTube video can be an excellent resource for helping you fix the minor problems in your garage doors, but not major ones. If you try to resolve all types of issues without professional help, you might make one critical mistake that would create a costlier problem than what you were trying to fix.

  • They will help you rely less on inefficient DIY techniques

If you want to avoid DIY tactics and still save on costs, you should pay attention to lubricating all parts in your garage door each month and clear any debris from the tracks and rollers. This way, you can minimize your repair costs, but someday down the line, you will need to leverage garage door repair services for sure.

  • They aid you to avoid the risk of compromising your garage door

Nowadays, garage doors come in various designs that make it easy to pick one that suits your taste and elevates the look of your home’s curb appeal. The icing on the cake is its affordability and easy installation. That means you don’t need to break the bank to buy and install it.

How to Increase Garage Door Security?

Make sure you have a proper home security system that is as safe as possible. A garage door is considered a moving appliance of your house. They should not be ignored or overlooked as home security. There are a few easy things to adapt where we can increase the garage door safety and security.

  • Secure the Garage Interior by Frosting the Windows

We often see windows allow natural light to pass through. Unfortunately, thieves get access to peep in the windows. This allows them to look for expensive tools or other car parts. It further helps them to know if anybody is at home to prompt a break-in.

However, adding a layer of frost film can block the visibility for others to peep through the window. But will still allow light to filter through.

  • Keep Garage Door Opener Safely and Remote Secure

Don’t allow anybody to handle your garage remote or opener carelessly. Also, ensure the garage door opener is mounted on the wall to keep it out of reach of children. Your garage door opener and its code is the essential key to your home, so its information should be rightly protected by you.

That’s why it is safe to keep a key chain door opener rather than keep it on your sun visor. In this way, your garage door opener is handy to carry everywhere with you.

  • Set the Security Switch

Install a security switch on your garage door when you are on vacation. This security switch will provide added protection when you are away from your home.

  • Consider a Garage Lock Door

Always avoid having a garage door that is manually installed. Instead, consider installing a garage lock door to have extra security and safety. You will get plenty of options from Amazon to buy the best and most secure lock door for your garage. Unless you unlock your garage door, nobody can open the garage door on its own.

  • Tough Glass

Consider investing in superior doors and windows that aren’t as easy to break through and that are equipped with glass sensors that notify you when your windows are broken into.


So, when you want to enhance your garage door and its security, it is always recommended to consult professional technicians to do the right job for you. They will help you to outfit your home with a durable garage door that will efficiently improve your garage door security.

Going through monthly maintenance of your garage door, you can keep burglars, thieves, and strangers away from your home.

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