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How to Make Packaging Easily Accessible (and Why It Matters)


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Packaging might be at the bottom of your list of priorities when developing a new product. After all, surely it’s the quality of the product itself that matters? Wrong. Packaging branding, design, accessibility and durability all play a part in influencing consumer purchasing decisions. 

In fact, 72% of consumers make a purchasing decision based on product packaging. It’s the same as the snap judgements we make based on a person’s appearance. Whether we like it or not, first impressions matter. 

Easy to Open

One of the most important factors that prompt repeat consumer purchases is your packaging’s functional accessibility. In simpler terms, this means how easy it is for the customer to remove the packaging to access your product

Think of all the times you’ve struggled opening a package. Experiencing that frustration, does it make you likely to purchase that product again? A recent study found almost 20% of consumers would not buy a product from the same company again if its packaging was too hard to open. 

Unboxing products is now an experience within itself. Unboxing videos are their own genre on YouTube — good packaging is in the same league as a good product.

To mitigate this, think about including clear opening instructions on your packaging. Let the consumer know the easiest way to access your product. Step-by-step printed instructions can help consumers open packaging effortlessly and enjoy your product sooner. Pair this with perforated rip-off strips, twist top seals or tear tape, and you’re on to a winner. 

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Easy to Identify

The design of your packaging speaks volumes about your brand. It all contributes to the consumer experience. To appeal to your customer base, your brand needs to be distinct. Text size, branding and colours ensure your packaging stands out from the crowd. Research shows that 90% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are based on colour and 85% attribute colour as one of the main factors affecting their choice. 

Colour psychology is a science. Different colours elicit specific emotions and impressions on consumers — so think about which colours to use to appeal to your target audience. Consider how popular fast-food chains like McDonald’s and KFC use bold colours in their branding. Their logos are memorable and unique. Custom packaging designs encourage familiarity with your product, establish trust and increase brand recognition. Brand recognition can increase your revenue by 31% in the age where authenticity is paramount.

Stick to your brand values, messaging and image to demonstrate consistency. If you’re consistent with your brand representation, you’ll maintain consumer clarity and confidence in your product. 

Easy to Dispose Of

You can’t please everybody. Sometimes, your customers will want to return their products. Make this an easy process for everyone by including returnable mailing labels and returns information in your packaging. Just because they didn’t like/ need your particular product this time, an easy returns process will make the consumer likely to purchase from you again.

Your products must arrive in top condition to your customers. Robust, durable packaging is a must. Use void-fill for packaging fragile items in bigger boxes, so your products don’t get damaged in transit. 

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Another packaging hack is to invest in eco-friendly packaging. In recent years, 85% of consumers have become more environmentally conscious in their purchasing habits. If you can shout about your packaging’s recyclable, biodegradable or compostable credentials, you’re showcasing your eco-consciousness as a brand. Eco-conscious consumers will come to you over your competitors — feeling reassured that your packaging will help shrink their carbon footprint. 

Wrapping up Your Rivals

Give yourself the leg-up on your competitors. Invest your time into perfecting a bespoke packaging design. As social beings, a clever or inventive packaging design is something people will want to share. Think of your packaging as a mobile advertisement. Make packaging accessible. Use it to tell your brand’s story, engage consumers and drive sales in a competitive market. 


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