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How to Measure Venetian Blinds For Your Home


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If you are planning on buying a window blind for your home, then there is a lot of information out there about how to measure Venetian Blinds. This article contains two measuring video clips covering how to measure both your interior and exterior Venetians for a Venetian Blind.

If you have already purchased your Venetians and are comfortable in the decision to purchase one, then please read on. If you have just arrived at this article and do not know much about Best Blinds Abu Dhabi, then you should read on.

Three types of Venetians

There are basically three types of Venetians. The first is a Venetian that is made out of fabric. The next is a fabric that is glued onto a wooden frame.

Wooden frame 

The last type of window blinds is a wooden frame that has a cloth backing on it. These are commonly known as Venetian Blinds. There are three parts to Venetians, namely the base, the backing and the fabric.

By using the measurement tape and measuring your window

It is easy to take measurements of Venetians by using the measurement tape and measuring your window. However, these measurements will be inaccurate unless the blinds are hung correctly. There is an option to purchase blinds that are fitted or self-stitching.

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Blinds with a specific measurement or make the blinds yourself.

Measuring your blinds using a tape can help you get a general idea on how many feet each side and top is. If the blinds are hung incorrectly, it could make them look smaller than they are. You can purchase blinds with a specific measurement or make the blinds yourself.

Call the manufacturer of the blind and ask them to help you through the process.

Another method to measuring Venetians is to use the free trial. If you go with this method, you can make sure you are getting the correct blind for the area you are placing them. If there is a problem during the installation process, it is important to call the manufacturer of the blind and ask them to help you through the process.

Available on how to do this measurement process. 

If you want to know how to measure Venetian Blinds for your home, then do a search on the Internet. There are several websites available on how to do this measurement process. If you are unsure on what method is best for your room, ask a sales representative to assist you.

Need to measure the height and width of your window blinds.

Once you have found how to measure Venetian Blinds, measure both the horizontal and vertical measurements and compare the numbers. This should be done in both directions so that you have two numbers to compare. You also need to measure the height and width of your window blinds.

The “U” measurement method. 

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There are many measurement methods that can be used for Venetians. One of the more common methods is called the “U” measurement method. This is the most common measurement method and is used in many blinds.

cross-hatching method. 

Another way to measure Venetian blinds is to use the measurement method called the cross-hatching method. This method can also be used to measure blinds made out of fabric.

Have a good idea of the exact measurement of the blinds. 

If the blinds are made out of fabric, it is important to do three or four different measurements to be sure you have a good idea of the exact measurement of the blinds. This will ensure the blinds will fit properly and not appear too large or too small.


With the three measurement methods mentioned above, you should use the same method on the blinds you plan on buying Best Venetian Blinds Abu Dhabi. It may not always be the easiest method but it is easier than taking measurements on a piece of fabric. Make sure to measure the width and length of the blinds so that the blinds will fit tightly once you have them installed. If you are going to buy blinds from a store, then you will also want to consider the cost when deciding how to measure.

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