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How to Winter-Proof Your Southern Home


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Winters in the southern and northern parts of the United States are radically different. While Northerners are used to having homes that withstand below freezing temperatures and an onslaught of snow, those in the South aren’t as well-versed in house winterization.

Increasingly, the South is seeing shades of Northern winters. So, what do you do to prepare your home in an area where snow is often last thought of?

Whether you’re looking at  Columbia houses for sale or checking out condos in Miami, these tips will help winter-proof your home.  

Keep Cold Air Out and Warm Air In

When the temperatures drop, you want to ensure your house is sealed up tight.

Identify any air leaks in your home through spaces like windows and doors, and make sure to close the gaps. This will prevent heat loss and keep utility bills from soaring due to loss of heat pumping out of your system.

You can add weather stripping to door frames to prevent drafts, and consider covering windows with plastic on the inside during the cold months to keep heat in.

You can also invest in insulating curtains to prevent cold air filtration into rooms.

Adjust Your Thermostat Properly

Knowing the right temperature to set your thermostat at for comfort can be a tricky process. When you are home, choose settings that you can comfortably tolerate.

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For those times when you’re sleeping or not home, set the thermostat back about 10 degrees.

Protect Your Pipes

Pipe sleeves are inexpensive solutions to protecting both cold and hot water pipes. This will keep your water temperature regulated and prevent pipes from freezing, which can lead to bigger problems if they burst. 

It can also help save money on energy bills by allowing you to slightly lower your water heater temperature for the season.

Prevent Pests

As the temperatures drop, outside animals may look to gather inside away from the chill. Before the cold starts to set in, check the outside of your home for any possible entry point. Do the same on the inside, and close any gaps up with wire mesh, caulk, rodent-proof spray foam, or steel wool.

Trim Your Trees

Snow and ice weigh heavily on everything it falls on, especially tree branches that aren’t sturdy. Prevent any home damage by identifying low, weak, or overhanging branches and limbs that could potentially fall onto your property with the additional weather weight.

Make sure they have also cleared away from any utility lines, and it’s also important to hire a tree service with proper tree service insurance to protect yourself in case of any accidents during the pruning or removal process.

Get the Right Equipment

You may not think you need a shovel until you find your car stuck in the driveway with no place to go. One shovel and one windshield ice scraper can go a long way in the winter.

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Grab a bag of sand or rock salt for walkways and driveways as well to prevent slippage when ice freezes over.

Protect the Interior

During the winter you are much more likely to drag in debris from outside. Dirty slush melts off boots left in hallways, and shoe treads catch clumps of ice and rock salt.

Properly outfit each entryway in the home with a doormat made for removing such things, as well as a boot tray to rest your footwear on. 


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