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How Will ChatGPT Affect SEO?


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Ever since Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), Chat GPT 4, and their alternatives made their entrance into digital marketing, marketers have become utterly confused and cautioned. They’re wondering what the future has in store for them.  

Contrary to what digital marketers think, ChatGPT and other such tools won’t affect the core concepts and workings of SEO. 

In fact, these AI-powered tools can make the task of marketers easy. Professionals should consider these tools as their friends, not foes!  

A Brief Introduction to ChatGPT

ChatGPT is owned by Open AI. It was launched in late November last year, taking the entire IT industry by storm. By March 2023, it already has got a huge fan base of over 1 million users from various parts of the world. 

It is a useful tool, which is based on a machine-learning model. You can ask it questions in conversational ways, and it’ll answer them based on the collated data that’s already fed into it. 

It works almost like human brains, but it can never replace them. For example; you may have hundreds and thousands of advanced medical equipment and gadgets that doctors and paramedics use, but these tools can never replace medical professionals.

ChatGPT Vs Human Minds: Is There Even A Contest? 

If you’re wondering, how can you distinguish between content generated from ChatGPT and those written by humans; the answer lies in the content’s EI (Emotional Intelligence) and EQ (Emotional Quotient).  

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No matter what scientists and futurists claim, the content generated from ChatGPT lacks EI and EQ.  

For example, a self-driven car can run on its own across the street just like a normal human-driven car, but it may never be able to negotiate the difficult pathways that an experienced driver does! 

The Impact of Chat GPT on SEO: Key Pointers

In the context of SEO, you can use the tool to generate SEO ideas, but you have to implement them using your brain and analytical capabilities. 

If you let an AI tool optimize SEO content, you’re doing nothing short of a disservice to your clients or employer and waiting for a disaster to happen!

AI is a good servant, but a bad master. It’s as simple as this!  

However, a prudent marketer would neither see ChatGPT as a master nor a slave. He or she would treat the tool as a friend, just like Alexa, Jasper, Siri, and others.  

Low-Quality Content 

Any AI-generated content in its raw form can be full of factual errors. Using such content for SEO purposes means you’re inviting trouble. Often, low-quality unedited content leads to plenty of issues, including your site getting blacklisted by Google and getting into penalty-related issues. 

 Before using any SEO content, it needs to be thoroughly checked by human editors. So, SEO professionals shouldn’t blindly start using AI or tools like ChatGPT to make things easy. The best SEO company in India always prefers and uses human-written and human-edited content, which not just ranks on top but also generates new leads and ROI.

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In SEO, quality always matters much more than quantity. It’s always better to get a fewer SEO content written and proofread by human editors than tons of AI-generated SEO content; which have no head and tails!

Using ChatGPT for Queries

Many SEO experts feel that a day might come when people would use ChatGPT more frequently than Google for general queries. 

 Does that mean Google will become ineffective in the long run? No. Such a scene will never come. Those using ChatGPT for general queries will never get the Google-type user-friendliness and interactive UI that the search engine giant has to offer. 

You can use the app for a change but it can never overhaul the entire search engine system or the relevance of SERP rankings. 

For example, if you are an SEO professional, you may want to know about trendy keywords, only Google can provide you with relevant and up-to-date data through Google Keyword Planner on Google Ads. ChatGPT can also help, but its effectiveness will be limited. In addition, you can also use other keyword-generation tools, which are available online.    

Content Generation Ideas

Coming up with fresh and innovative content ideas can be daunting, but ChatGPT can help. The tool can help you generate new ideas without any need of researching trendy topics on the net. But you can also ask the same question to Google online.  

You can also use other similar tools—Hubspot blog topic generator, Buzz Sumo, UberSuggest, and others for this purpose. 

Summing Up

In a nutshell, ChatGPT is the single-most effective tool that can do plenty of tasks. Starting from generating content ideas, getting the content written, and even optimizing keywords in SEO—this tool can do everything. However, there were similar AI tools available even before its arrival. 

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 Tools like ChatGPT can certainly assist you in your SEO work but don’t depend too much on it. The day you start believing whatever it says or does is correct and supreme, it’ll badly impact your business and professional acumen.


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