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iGaming Link Building Services: Driving Traffic and Authority to Your Site


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iGaming is $153.57 billion profit by the end of 2023, fierce competition, and a constant rush of adrenaline, either playing or fighting for the players. Given the fact that there are 4,792 Global Casinos & Online Gambling businesses existing today, becoming reachable and visible for gamers is the first and foremost task. Google Search typically presents numerous pages with results, yet, only the first page is a matter of worshipping by everyone, as it provides the best visibility for the users. As a rule, every strategy for development is devised on a link building approach, which is a real game-changer, when high rankings and organic traffic are under question. 

How to plan and execute the link building strategy? Let’s follow the article.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a search engine optimization tool (SEO), which entails cooperation with other websites, that link their content to your resource. These links show to the Google algorithms that you provide good quality content, thus, you deserve a high ranking in the list. 

iGaming is developed in various directions – betting activities, live dealer games, slots, table games, etc. 

Depending on your target, you need to develop an appropriate strategy. If you are going to dedicate your platform to sports events, you will need to look for sport link building services and relevant websites for cooperation. If the live dealer games are in focus, the techniques may change their direction, and so on. 

Why is iGaming Link Building Important?

Link building is one of major Google’s ranking factors. Every backlink is taken as a “vote” for the website’s support. However, the quantity of the links should be the main purpose, as the algorithms consider the quality as well. If the backlinks are inserted into a no-name website, it will bring zero advantages. However, if your iGaming platform is linked to a relevant website with a high level of authority, you will also get a share of its traffic. 

What influences the quality of backlinks?

Link building is an efficient technique, yet it may be rather daunting, due to a large number of competitors and quite a limited number of accepting websites with a high level of authority. When making a selection of webmasters to contact, make sure you go through the checklist. 

  • The page or website authority

This metric is analyzed by the SEO tools like Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs. The score goes from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better quality of the backlink is, and thus, more chance to be ranked high by Google. 

  • Relevance

A backlink of high quality goes from the website with a high authority score, which is combined with relevance to the niche. As you target the iGaming niche, you may contact other casino websites, sports websites, etc. 

  • Nofollow or Dofollow links

Nofollow links (like the ones from Wikipedia) don’t bring you any link juice or endorsement, despite having a high level of authority. Dofollow links, signal to Google that your website is worth sharing the authority with. 

Anchor Text

An anchor text is one the link is attached to. It is highlighted with a different color. The text belongs to the major ranking factors. The anchor text should be relevant to the search queries.  The words before and after the anchor are also considered.  

  • Link’s Position

Link positioning matters as well. When it appears on sidebars or footers, its value is lower than when in the body of the text. 

  • Editorial or Self-Promotional Links

An editorial link is placed by other participants because you present content of great value. A self-promotional link is posted in the random comment section by you. Obviously, editorial links are valued more by the algorithms. 

How to build quality backlinks to the iGaming websites?

The best sources for backlinking are:

  • Guest posts

Guest blogging is a good old way to insert backlinks. It goes down to writing relevant content for other websites and placing a few links which point back to your website. There are a lot of websites willing to accept top-notch content, as it maintains their development as well. 

Despite being rather laborious, guest posts benefit both link building and brand recognition, as it is written specifically for your iGaming platform. 

  • Broken Link Building

Another efficient way to place your backlinks in other sources. With the help of Google extensions, you can analyze the content of relevant websites with high domain authority, and find the broken links. The next step is to notify the webmasters or content creators about the issue and offer them a high-quality replacement, which leads to your iGaming website. 

  • Unlinked Brand Mentioning

The gambling industry grows exponentially, including bloggers, vloggers, reviewers, blog talks, etc. There is a high chance that your resource has already been mentioned numerous times, without a direct link to it. You can contact the content creators and offer them to link their mentions to your website directly. 

  • Buy links

Although Google policies don’t praise the commercial exchange of links and can penalize it, this practice is still often used by game providers. When you buy links, you get the iGaming platform mentioned on another resource for money, as simple as that. The price depends on the credibility of the website, its level of authority, and the webmaster. Yet, you are the one to choose whether you want to try this venture, or not. 

Link building is the foundation for any website, which is aiming toward the top search results and a high level of authority within the niche. The iGambling industry is pretty alluring, yet it takes knowledge and experience to plan and conduct link building strategy as the search engine algorithms become overscrupulous when the casino is involved. You can create a whole new team to develop and implement the link-building strategy; or you can choose a quicker and more efficient way – to delegate the link-building duties to an outsourcing agency, as it will help you save time, which is the most valuable resource you have. Don’t hesitate and get down to planning your business growth. 


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