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Installing Recycled Products Such as Fencing and Trellis in Your Garden – Moving to Composite


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Enjoying your garden or yard is important, and to do this all year round, you may need to start making some improvements. One improvement you can make is to start installing and using composite products. Composite products such as fencing and trellis are long-lasting and more environmentally friendly than wooden products.

Why You Need Composite Products Instead of Wooden

Wooden fencing and other wooden products, such as gates and trellis, can initially look good in a garden. However, how long does this look last? In a few years, will you regret installing wooden fencing that needs staining or treating each year? Wooden products can be high-maintenance, especially when they get exposed to the elements over the years. Wooden fencing and other wooden structures can look very shabby very quickly, and this can ruin the aesthetic of your garden. You need to install new composite fencing or trellis in your garden if you want it to look good in a few years and not just a few months. You will often find that composite products are made from recycled products and materials. This means they are often more likely to be more environmentally friendly than wooden products.

Calculating How Much You Will Need

When you have decided which composite products you want to install (and why), you then need to calculate how much you need. To do this accurately, you need to know the space you are working in. Taking time to measure out your garden is important as you want to get projects completed in one go. You do not want to keep purchasing extra materials as this is time-consuming. When calculating how much you will need, always give yourself a little extra allowance for contingency – for breakages or even miscalculations. Having a little extra trellis or fencing left over after a project is better than not having enough.

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Using a Specialist Supplier

Now that you have your requirements to hand, it is time to start looking at suppliers. Not all garden depots or suppliers will offer high-quality composite products. It is therefore preferential to look at a specialist supplier, one that offers a whole range of items, such as eComposite Products. If you are not reaching out to a specialist supplier, you may find you are not getting the high-quality products you need and want. You may also find that the products are not produced or created as strongly or sustainably as you initially thought. When you reach out to a specialist supplier, you get that much-needed peace of mind.

Color and Style

When you think about composite products, you may just think that they come in standard colors such as brown and green. However, it is important to know that high-quality composite products come in a variety of colors and styles. For example, you could have a sage green colored fence with a trellis to match. Or you could have cream composite perimeter fencing that brightens up your garden even on a dull day. Thinking about the style you want to add to your garden (traditional or modern) and then choosing a color that suits your garden is possible with composite products.

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