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10 Ways to Boost Your Log Cabin’s Interior Style


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Investing in a log cabin is a dream for many people, especially those who love the outdoors, and a secluded lifestyle. Once you’ve secured your cabin, however, you’ll want to spend time perfecting its interior design setup. If you need some help in this area, here are ten awesome ways you can boost your log cabin’s interior style: 

1. Embrace Your Authentic Self

If you want to stand out from other log cabin owners, you need to embrace your authentic self as much as humanly possible. If you want, you can even decorate your home’s walls with heavy metal vinyl. Or get your favourite band’s tour poster you went to framed and installed by Picture Hanging System Services. Whatever your interests are, use them to boost your interior design choices, and to make your cabin feel as uniquely you as it can be. 

2. Keep Things Minimal 

Although some people will prefer to take a more maximalist approach to designing their cabin’s interior, most small log cabin look their best when designed using a minimalist approach. Spread out your star decorations and design elements in a way that keeps the eye wandering, without overwhelming the senses. If you can achieve this balance, you’ll have a stellar minimalist interior design scheme on your hands. 

3. Look to Nature for Inspiration 

Cabins are known to be popular amongst outdoors-centric people, and animal lovers. For this reason, you should constantly be looking toward nature for inspiration when designing your log cabin’s interior spaces. Using natural color palettes, animal skins, and down-to-earth decorations can all help you unlock a stellar, and naturally-inspired interior design setup. 

4. Choose the Right Lighting 

Few aspects of interior design are as critically important and style-defining as lighting. If you want your cabin to be cozy, and for it to embrace a more natural way of being, you need to choose lighting that reflects these qualities. Build windows to maximize your natural lighting capabilities, and then use candles and other natural resources to provide warm, soft lighting at night. 

5. Display Family Heirlooms 

To ensure your cabin feels like home, you should consider hanging up (or tastefully displaying) some of your favorite family heirlooms. This will give you a great way to not only boost the style of your log cabin’s exterior but a unique way to start conversations with anyone who visits your home. Pick an heirloom that tells a story about you, or someone you love, and you’ll continue to enjoy seeing it every single day for the foreseeable future. 

6. Pick Gorgeous Indoor Plants 

Few things can unlock the personality of an interior space quite like the right plant. Pick indoor plants that inspire you, and that makes you feel all warm inside, and you’ll significantly improve your overall quality of life. Just make sure to choose plants that you know you can keep alive (or else this decoration tip can become depressing incredibly fast). 

7. Decorate Your Kitchen with Pizazz 

Having a few areas of your log cabin’s interior that are brighter and more eclectic than others can make your space feel more like home. If you follow strict design rules in every area of your home, it can begin feeling like a model home (rather than your home) faster than you might realize. With this in mind, kitchens (and bathrooms) are the perfect place to add a bit more pizazz to your cabin’s interior design. 

8. Invest in Leather Furniture 

Leather furniture is a perfect way to boost your log cabin’s sense of style and class. Not only is leather furniture gorgeous, but (once it’s broken in) it’s extremely comfortable as well. If you’re not down with using animal products, you can invest in a faux leather piece of furniture that will serve your home’s design needs (and your comfort needs) just as well. 

9. Have an Eye-Catching Mantelpiece 

Having a clear, central piece of decor that helps define your cabin’s interior design is highly recommended. Using an eye-catching mantelpiece is one of the best ways to achieve this effect. Just make sure you avoid picking an object or piece of decor that will overpower the space. 

10. Always Stay Creative 

No matter what you decide to do regarding your log cabin’s interior design, you should always keep your own sense of creative wonder in mind. The more you embrace your unique brand of creativity, the more awesome and impressive your cabin’s interior design will become, after all. And never forget to consider how your home’s interior design might affect its exterior design as well! 

Brainstorm the Night Away

Before you decide on the final vision of your cabin’s interior design, you should take a night to brainstorm to the max. Doing so can help you come up with ideas that you never thought possible. With any luck, you’ll be starting the decoration process to end all decoration processes in no time.

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