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Is Virtual Reality Set to Creep into the Mainstream Gradually in the Same Way AI Has?


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Artificial intelligence has slowly and subtly been creeping into everyday usage for years. In many ways, people may not have even realised that AI was doing things for them and had simply taken tools like Siri on the iPhone for granted. Now, though, there’s nowhere to hide from the revolutionary technology.

Could the same thing happen with virtual reality? The platform has been around since 2016, and its usage has gradually increased similarly. It has always been tipped to go mainstream at some point, and it may do so in the same way that AI has. It could just require something big to come along to act as a catalyst.

Some Businesses Already Preparing for a VR Future

There are numerous businesses in a range of industries that are already starting to prepare for a VR future. Just like with AI, some of the introductions of this technology have been almost imperceptible up to this point, but they are beginning to get more obvious. For example, online retail companies have begun to use VR to create immersive shopping experiences. It can allow customers to try on clothes, makeup, and accessories in a virtual environment. 3DLOOK has already referred to this as the future of fashion.

VR is expected to permeate the entertainment industry early on, and there have been moves towards its inclusion in gaming. Sony quickly introduced PSVR for PlayStation users, and some top titles like Batman: Arkham have been represented in VR. The online casino industry is expected to offer sprawling VR experiences soon, and sites like PlayStar are preparing for this. When you visit the site, a large video plays and takes players into an immersive VR tour of the casino, highlighting the various games available. The brand’s logo can be seen throughout, and players get a sense of the casino buzz. It won’t be long before they’re putting on headsets and participating in VR games at forward-thinking sites like this.

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Could Apple’s VR Device be the Catalyst the Platform Needs?

While AI crept into everyday usage slowly, it did also have a major catalyst that helped propel it to the forefront of the news. This was the release of ChatGPT, which made headlines thanks to its impressive capabilities and ease of access. The same thing could happen with VR when a breakthrough makes it impossible to ignore.

Apple’s VR device has been touted for some time now, and its release could be around the corner. Indeed, MacRumors suggests an announcement could be set for later in 2023. When Apple brought out the iPhone, it was a game changer for the smartphone industry. The same could be true when its VR headset hits shelves. It will initially be expensive, but as future generations are released, people will be able to access past models at a more reasonable price.

When VR first emerged, many people thought it was going to blow up straight away. Instead, it has gradually had more of an influence in the years since the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive first hit the market. It could follow the same trajectory as AI and become mainstream after a big breakthrough like the release of Apple’s device.

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