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A Small Guide To The Benefits Of Migrating To Office 365


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Before the pandemic, the usage of Microsoft Office 365 was growing at a fast pace. However, in 2020, due to the need for an integrated productivity tool to support employees working from home, Microsoft added 95 million users, resulting in a significant surge in demand. It is possible that you are already using Office 365, which was renamed “Microsoft 365” and is considered by many to be the standard for collaboration. Despite its wide-ranging capabilities, it is likely that you are not fully utilizing all that Office 365 has to offer. Let’s look into the wide benefits of Office 365 Migration Services which helps businesses in multiple ways:

Microsoft Office 365 is Cost savings:

The study evaluated the use of Office 365 across five areas: technology, mobility, control and compliance, business intelligence, and social. Forrester found that small and midsize businesses achieved a return on investment of 154%, with payback coming in just 5.1 months. The research found that enterprise businesses were able to achieve a return on investment of 162%, and they were able to recoup their initial investment within 7 months.

Advance collaboration:

With the rise of hybrid workplaces, virtual collaboration among employees has become increasingly important. To support this, Microsoft Office 365 offers collaboration tools like Teams, which has been particularly successful in helping employees stay engaged and productive. However, it can be challenging to know which tools to use to maximize the benefits of the platform. To address this, we recommend using Teams for program-level, project-level, and departmental collaboration, Yammer for larger group discussions and problem-solving, SharePoint for real-time document collaboration, and OneDrive for secure file storage and syncing across devices. Microsoft is continuously updating and enhancing the platform, with new features such as incorporating Teams messaging into Windows 11 to allow more widespread participation. Furthermore, if you get assistance from good hosting and migration provider. They can help you to set up Hosted Virtual Desktop which makes it easier for its users to access data easily from anywhere with secured user login.

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Secure cloud access:

Due to the increasing prevalence of cyber security threats, businesses are finding that the shift to cloud computing is helping them to prevail. The cloud is a more secure option for several reasons: firstly, automatic updates eliminate the issue of hackers exploiting unpatched security vulnerabilities. Secondly, by moving computing power off-site, businesses eliminate local security risks. and thirdly, cloud providers employ expert staff who specialize in cyber security.

Other Benefits:

  • Office 365 offers easy scalability, allowing you to make on-demand changes to storage space and computing power as you grow or downsize
  • Office 365’s pay-per-usage model makes budgeting easier, as you can better forecast expenses.
  • Azure boasts a highly reliable network of data centers, providing excellent availability and redundancy. 
  • Microsoft also prioritizes cyber security and employs a multi-layered security model, including advanced encryption and two-tier authentication, to protect all data stored on its servers. 
  • Integrated compliance tools help ensure that you stay compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, and others, keeping your organization up to date with the latest standards.


To minimize any potential downtime, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate the extent of your migration project. However, you don’t necessarily need to depend on your users to complete the task. Instead, hosting solution providers such as Apps4Rent can assume full responsibility for guaranteeing uptime. Additionally, they offer various hosting services, such as QuickBooks Pro Hosting, enabling you to host your preferred software on the cloud. This makes them an excellent partner for your business needs.

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