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Isabel Roloff Responds: Does Her Son Have Dwarfism?


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Jacob Roloff and Isabel Roloff may not be close to revealing any snapshots of their son.

The couple is understandably careful when it comes to their newborn’s privacy.

However, over the past few days, ever since becoming first-time parents, the former reality stars have offered up a few small nuggets about, well… their small nugget.

For starters, the child’s name, as displayed here via a lovely Christmas ornament:

mateo ornament

“Mateo Tomás is here and he’s perfect. He came one week ago 12/4 at 12:40 am,” Isabel wrote on Facebook last week alongside a sweet photo (below) of the infant’s finger.

“Our birth story didn’t go as planned; as we know life rarely ever does,” she added.

“These past few weeks have shown me what true surrender and trust looks like.”

Isabel didn’t delve into any details behind this birth story, but she did reference the challenge of it again a few days later.

“A lot of you are asking if I had a c section. No, but my birth plan completely flew out the window, it was almost comical,” the brand new mom told followers.

“At least now I can kind of reflect on it with some humor.”

Continued Isabel, shedding a bit of light on what transpired and how it impacted her newborn, who was in the NICU for at least some period of time:

“It was wild and traumatic and maybe I’ll share my birth story sometime.

“For now I’m just glad I adapted and trusted the entire process. I would do it all again to get Mateo here safely.

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“Now for lots of rest and post party healing.”

While at home resting, though, Isabel did find time to jump on social media and interact with fans.

“I noticed in a previous Story you mentioned his head being big and round, is he a dwarf baby?” one user asked Roloff, to which she responded:

“Mateo is an [average-sized] person with a bigger head.

“I guess his dad had one, too.”

jacob son update

Two of Jacob’s siblings, of course, along with both of his parents, were born with Achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism

The same applies to two of Zach Roloff’s kids as well, while it’s unknown right now whether or not his impending third kid will be a little person.

During the same Q&A, meanwhile, the 25-year-old explained why she and husband Jacob have yet to post any photos of their first child together.

“We knew before we had him that we wanted to protect his privacy online,” Isabel explained.

“How that looks was always going to change because you don’t know until you’re in it, how you’re going to feel, what you’re going to feel comfortable sharing when baby is really here.

“Ultimately, Jacob said from the very beginning that we will share very little about our kids and I agreed.

“So now we are navigating that daily, checking in with each other about comfortability and what we choose to share.”


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