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Jackie Goldschneider Quashes Split Rumors: Teresa Didn’t Kill My Marriage!


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It’s been almost a year, but The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have not forgotten.

Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice had a bitter feud over rumors that threatened Jackie’s marriage.

Things spun out of control and then died down, but there were rumors that the Goldschneiders ended up splitting for real.

Jackie says that it’s not the case, and explains how she protects her children from this dark side of fame.

Jackie Goldschneider gives an update January 2022

Jackie Goldschneider opened up to In Touch Weekly about where things stand with her family.

First of all, she affirmed that her relationship with her husband, Evan Goldschneider, is “definitely” secure.

She also explained how there are verbal and nonverbal ways of ensuring that their children don’t buy into the rumors.

“We both promise them that mommy and daddy love each other so much,” Jackie noted. “I think that comforts them.”

With the Season 12 premiere airing on Tuesday, February 1, we are again reminded that TV doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Even if her kids don’t watch the show, their classmates or their families might. Safeguarding against that starts at home.

“But it’s the little things that they see when we’re not directly directing it toward them,” Jackie explained.

“Like, when they see us kiss on the way out the door,” she detailed. “They see us holding hands when we’re walking.”

Jackie went on: “Those little things, let them know that mommy and daddy truly love each other.”

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Jackie and Evan have been married since 2006 and have two sets of twins.

Jonas and Adin are 13. Alexis and Hudson are 11.

Those years can be vulnerable times when it comes to self esteem and peer interaction, but they know that their family isn’t falling apart.

That doesn’t mean that Season 11 was easy for them, however.

When Teresa was spreading (sorry, “repeating”) a rumor that Evan was having some wild affair, things got ugly.

It’s not just that it was painful for Jackie. It was embarrassing for Evan to be dragged into that nonsense.

Jackie explained that she decided that Season 11 would be off limits for her kids. She watched it alone as it aired.

Additionally, she and Evan resolved to be “proactive” about when it came to their kids hearing about what went on that season.

“We had to explain to them what they might hear,” Jackie noted, “what happened on the show.”

“And,” Jackie declared, “we had to assure them that none of it was true.”

She affirmed: “I didn’t want them thinking anything about their father.”

“I didn’t want anyone taking these rumors and running with it as a way of teasing the kids,” Jackie added. “I also didn’t want them to worry.”

Despite all of that, Jackie shared that she doesn’t wish Teresa any ill will in her own love life.

For better or for worse, Teresa is engaged to Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

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“If he treats her well and truly his past is in the past, then I can only hope that they remain as in love as they are right now,” Jackie expressed charitably.


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