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Janelle Brown: Wait, Has She Moved to Utah with Christine?!?


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One down.

Another soon to go?

Just a few days ago, we confirmed that Christine Brown had not only sold her home in Flagstaff, Arizona — but she also up and moved back to her native state of Utah.

It’s hard to imagine that her marriage to Kody Brown has remained intact as a result, you know?

Now, many Sister Wives fans are wondering whether Christine returned to Utah on her own.

Or if Janelle has possibly joined her fellow spouse.

This unexpected theory started spreading after Janelle shared a mysterious photo on Instagram of her getting her own electronics set up, making followers think she’s moved somwhere new.

“My boys will be proud, I set up my own new WiFi modem and didn’t have to call them once!” wrote Janelle on her official spcial media account.

Interesting, right?

A bunch of followers believe so.

“Plot twist. I wonder if Janelle has moved into the other half of Christine’s duplex,” wrote one user, while another added:

“Both of them have been traveling together too, so idk could be and I would be happy for both of them if they finally got away.”

It certainly is true that Christine and Janelle have been working together a lot of late.

They’ve been shilling for a likely ineffective and unhealthy weight loss product over the last several weeks.

So, yes, thee is at least some basis to think that Janelle and Christine are sort of a tag team at the moment, and it’s not as though the former has a happy marriage to Kody, either, you know?

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What, really, is keeping her in Arizona?

But here’s the other thing:

Janelle only just moved into a trailer on the Coyote Pass property that Kody purchased in 2018.

Based on her latest Instagram post, it does sound as if this mother of six is moving — but not to Utah.

Just back to a more populated area.

“Good morning! One benefit of my pups needing to go out at the crack of dawn,” Janelle penned as a caption to the gorgeous image below on Thursday.

“I’m heading into town for the winter in the next couple of days.

“For this winter it was the prudent choice.

“Soaking up all the last minute joy.”

arizona scene

Janelle did not clarify whether she was taking her RV into town… moving in with loved ones … or renting another property in the Flagstaff area for the next couple of months.

But it certainly sounds as if Brown isn’t headed to Utah.

This doesn’t mean she’s happy with Kody, though.

“I’m at my wit’s end with this whole bulls—t stuff,” Janelle says in the Sister Wives Season 16 teaser below:

The show returns with new episodes on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

Will you be tuning in for it???


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