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Jasmine Pineda Claps Back at Critics of Her OnlyFans: It Puts Food on My Table!


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Just one day after dramatically snatching his hat from his head, Jasmine stunned viewers by taking Gino back.

Their ill-advised reconciliation didn’t undo the wrongs of the past, including Gino having leaked her nudes.

Jasmine has previously stated that the fallout from this scandal cost her her job.

As a result, she’s using her new OnlyFans career to put food on the table — and she’s clapping back at critics over it.

After episode after episode of Jasmine Pineda screaming and crying at the slightest provocation, her distress suddenly made sense.

She and Gino were on a resort island to celebrate their love.

This was when Jasmine unblocked the ex of his who had been messaging him … and discovered his betrayal.

Jasmine Pineda - naked pictures of me?

Gino had sent Jasmine’s topless photo to his ex.

He had also made fun of Jasmine in messages to her, and continued to message her even on this trip to meet Jasmine.

The messages also revealed that Gino had previously boasted about how much he had paid sugar babies for dates.

Jasmine Pineda takes Gino Palazzolo's hat

This famously led to their extremely emotional confrontation, with Jasmine swiping Gino’s hat.

She was trying to prove a point and hurt him at the same time, and she did.

Gino wears hats as a security blanket, and had not planned on exposing his scalp to the world — or to anyone else.

Against the better judgments of literally everyone involved, the two for some reason decided to give it another chance.

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Yes, Jasmine’s emotional outbursts from before this were totally unwarranted and were emotional abuse. 

Yes, Gino had misused her nudes, betraying his trust and making it clear that he was obsessed with his ex.

Gino Palazzolo awkwardly hugs Jasmine Pineda

A stunner took place off of the show and on social media.

According to Jasmine, Gino’s ex — the one who had warned her — had taken steps to sabotage her life.

Jasmine accused her of sending these ill-gotten nude photos to multiple bloggers, as well as to Jasmine’s employer, getting her fired.

Jasmine Pineda IG accuses Gino's ex of blackmail, getting her fired

Gino’s ex has adamantly denied having sent anything of the sort.

It seems possible that some photo of Jasmine was sent to her employer, but it’s possible that it might not have been the same person who sent it.

Either way, Jasmine shared that the result was that she was fired from her job — something that happens far too often.

Jasmine Pineda screams with heartbreak

Whoever sent the photo, the result was the same.

Now, Jasmine is using OnlyFans as her source of income.

Like numerous 90 Day Fiance stars who use OnlyFans, she is hoping that her reality TV fame will make this a sustainable platform.

Jasmine Pineda goes on a romantic boat tour alone

In a recent Instagram Story, Jasmine spoke about being a woman with “5 university titles” who is working towards her Ph.D.

She acknowledged that some people think that “shooting for OnlyFans” is degrading.

However, she noted that it is a job — one that can put food on her table.

Jasmine Pineda IG about OnlyFans

“But life surprises you sometimes and you have to reinvent yourself [especially] when you have people who depend on you,” Jasmine noted.

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She shared that in addition to bringing in money, using the platform also helps to keep her motivated to work out.

Jasmine explained that she has “to maintain a ‘figure'” in order to create new content, so she keeps to a certain fitness standard.

Gino Palazzolo awkwardly watches Jasmine Pineda work out

Jasmine charges $14.99 per month for OnlyFans subscribers.

For those less interested in gawking at her body, she is also on Cameo, which is an extremely common income source for reality stars.

Jasmine’s fee is nearly $50 for a video, which is probably mid-range as the rates for these go.

Jasmine Pineda wears I Am The Crazy Panamanian Girlfriend

Viewers have an understandably complicated view of Jasmine — and of Gino, for that matter.

It appears that they are still together, though social media clues can sometimes be (deliberately) misleading.

No matter what we think of her on-screen antics from earlier this season, no one should be shamed for taking nudes, for sex work like OnlyFans, or for being themselves.


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