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Jasmine Pineda: Gino’s Ex Got Me Fired and is Ruining My Life!!


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On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, things went from bad to worse for these two.

Gino Palazzolo had leaked Jasmine Pineda’s nudes to his ex and mocked her in messages.

The ex reached out to Jasmine to warn her about this unforgivable betrayal.

Now, Jasmine is accusing this same woman of leaking her nudes to others and getting her fired from her job. What’s going on?

Jasmine Pineda is tearful and devastated

When Jasmine received messages from Gino’s ex, she knew that it was going to be bad.

She blocked the woman, but later chose to unblock her — with Gino present — to see what she had to say.

Gino could already guess. Too late, he realized what an awful thing he had done.

Jasmine Pineda threw her toothbrush into the dirt

Jasmine was devastated, and not just over the obvious misuse of her topless photo.

In addition to the crime that Gino had committed, his antics had also revealed something more.

Gino was clearly obsessed with his ex, wanting to “rub it in” to this woman’s face that he had a new girlfriend instead of actually moving on.

Gino Palazzolo bragged about paying sugarbabies

The ex sent Jasmine messages that Gino had sent her.

Some were recent, sent while Jasmine slept beside him, showing the depths of his pathology.

Others were older, messages in which he bragged about hiring sex workers for dates and boasted about how much he paid them.

Jasmine Pineda - I hate you because you broke my f--king heart

Jasmine was heartbroken and in distress, sobbing and thinking herself a fool for falling for Gino.

She drank, she spoke to loved ones, and after a lot of both of those activities, she returned to Gino’s room.

Jasmine had already gotten her things. She was back for payback.

Gino’s choice to play word games.

He challenged the idea that Jasmine’s leaked photo was a “nude,” because it featured her breasts but not her genitals.

Perhaps that could fly as a twisted legal argument in some places, but it’s no way for the guilty party to apologize to someone they’ve wronged.

Jasmine Pineda takes Gino Palazzolo's hat

After threatening to sue Gino, she realized the one way to convey to him how humiliated and exposed she felt.

Jasmine lunged forward and snatched the hat off of Gino’s head.

His head was exposed for the first time. Notably, Gino has insisted upon always wearing a hat.

In an objectively hilarious moment in an otherwise tense situation, Gino calmly reached over to his pack.

He unzipped his bag and removed a second hat, calmly placing it over his head.

This is like something out of a very funny cartoon. Genuinely a much-needed moment of absurd levity during all of this heartbreak.

Gino Palazzolo pulls out a new hat and wears it????

Jasmine wasn’t done, and neither was Gino.

She continued to express her emotional devastation.

Grief and rage both blended together, and she wailed.

Jasmine Pineda screams with heartbreak

Jasmine once again attempted to take Gino’s hat.

However, this time, she was unsucccessful.

Production had been nervous that this could devolve into something worse than it already was, and they stepped in.

While Jasmine’s goal was clearly to grab Gino’s hat again, production required her to leave.

She had her own room now, and as much as the footage was valuable for the show, some lines should never be crossed.

That’s as true of reality television as it is for relationships.

Jasmine Pineda lunges for Gino Palazzolo, producer says "don't"

Now, however, Jasmine has taken to Instagram to accuse the ex who warned her about Gino of betraying her as well.

“Gino’s ex has sent my private pictures to bloggers,” Jasmine accused.

“Pictures that have been used to create stories and multiple videos,” she claimed. 

Jasmine Pineda IG accuses Gino's ex of blackmail, getting her fired

“She sent them to my job which I lost as well.” Jasmine alleged,

“At this moment I just want to literally die,” she expressed.

“I have no words to describe the lowest point I’m in my life right now,” Jasmine lamented.

Linzee Ryder IG denies sending anything to Jasmine's work

Linzee, Gino’s ex, insists that she has done nothing of the sort … and wouldn’t know how.

“A certain someone out here claiming I sent their pics to their work to get them fired…” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

Linzee mocked the other allegations, explaining: “When I have no clue where they work (if they even do).”

Fans on social media have observed some apparent inconsistencies in Jasmine and Gino’s recent versions of events.

Some suspect that what has happened here is simple: Gino and Jasmine are back together, and hoping to make his ex the villain.

Gino and Jasmine have had their villain moments on screen and in this relationship. We have not seen any proof of the same from Linzee.

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