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Jasmine Pineda Snatches Gino Palazzolo’s Hat, Takes Him Back the Next Day!


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Even before the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, many Discovery Plus viewers saw Jasmine’s meltdown.

Unlike her past outbursts, this time, her heartbreak and tears were fully justified.

Out for revenge, Jasmine swiped Gino’s hat, but production had to step in and separate them when she lunged at him again.

But the way that things ended for them after all of that was more shocking than any other part of it.

Jasmine Pineda is tearful and devastated

To her horror, Jasmine Pineda discovered that Gino Palazzolo had betrayed her trust.

He had shared her naked photos with someone else — his ex.

What may have hurt even worse than the crime was that he was clearly fixated on this ex.

Jasmine Pineda walks away crying - oh my god

Jasmine loved Gino and had truly begun to trust him.

Now, she found that he had not only used her nudes for revenge porn — a crime in many places — but was still talking to his ex.

His “defense,” insisting that he was trying to rub all of this in the other woman’s face, only made it worse.

Jasmine Pineda - you did things behind my f--king back

Jasmine discovered that Gino had messaged his ex even while sitting right next to her.

This is not the behavior of a man who has moved on.

This is the behavior whose ex is living rent free in his head, who is using Jasmine as a pawn in his weird one-sided feud.

Jasmine Pineda threw her toothbrush into the dirt

Gino received a lot of flack when he arrived to meet Jasmine and gave her gifts … of an electric toothbrush and a pregnancy test.

Those weren’t just random items. They were her gifts — for their first meeting, and for Christmas.

Jasmine pitched her toothbrush into the dirt. 

Jasmine Pineda - sugar babies

Though she moved out of their cabin and into her own, she did take the time to confront Gino on what she had learned.

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Gino’s old messages to taunt his ex, before he met Jasmine, had involved bragging about how much he had paid his sugar babies.

While certainly there is nothing wrong with sex work, Jasmine had to wonder if she was in a real relationship, or if this was how he saw her.

Jasmine Pineda - I hate you because you broke my f--king heart

Jasmine couldn’t keep her cool while calling him out, however.

She genuinely loved Gino, which is why this hurt so much.

He didn’t just betray her trust — he broke her heart.

Jasmine Pineda feels like a tool used to make his ex jealous

Jasmine felt like a fool and like a tool.

She had been used like a pawn in Gino’s twisted campaign against his ex.

After consideration, she realized that she might be able to sue Gino for this unthinkable breach of privacy.

Jasmine Pineda - you did bad to me, you'll pay for it

After a day of processing the wrongs against her — and a lot of drinking — Jasmine returned to Gino’s cabin.

There, he had spent much of the day in a nearly catatonic state, processing the ruins of his romance.

However, when she returned, Gino clearly felt like fighting back … even though he was the only one who had done wrong in this context.

Gino Palazzolo decides to play word games about what is or is not a

For reasons that we cannot fully explain, Gino decided to play word games.

He challenged her description of her photos as “nudes,” as her genitals were apparently not showing, only her breasts.

Jasmine’s response was simply to retaliate.

Jasmine Pineda takes Gino Palazzolo's hat

Jasmine lunged forward, but she wasn’t trying to hit Gino.

(We are glad of that — domestic violence is no joke, and it has no place in the “entertainment” world of reality television)

Instead, she grabbed Gino’s treasured hat from his head, exposing his scalp to the cameras and to the world.

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It is not, by any means, the equivalent of sharing her private nude photos.

We’re not saying that it was the right thing to do, either.

However, given the emotional intensity of the moment and Gino’s choice to haggle over the meaning of words and technicalities, one can understand.

As you can see in the video clip, Gino is bald, as we knew, but has some odd patches of short dark “denial hair” on the back of his head.

Perhaps the wildest moment came after Jasmine had taken the hat.

Gino apparently came prepared to lose his hat.

Gino Palazzolo pulls out a new hat and wears it????

Gino calmly grabbed his backpack and opened it up.

From within it, he pulled another hat, which he placed on his head.

While this moment of levity was much needed for viewers, it showed that he was more focused upon his comfort than Jasmine’s heartbreak.

Jasmine Pineda screams with heartbreak

Viewers have seen Jasmine burst into tears over the most unreasonable, irrational topics.

She once cried and wailed over the paint on the walls at Gino’s house, which she has never even visited.

However, in this instance, her pain was extremely reasonable.

Jasmine Pineda - there is nothing to brag about

Jasmine briefly taunted Gino with the idea that she might retaliate by leaking his dick pics.

(This would also be a crime in many places and wholly unacceptable)

She did not, however, instead taunting him by saying that, unlike her breasts, his penis was not worth flaunting.

Jasmine Pineda lunges again

Jasmine once again lunged at Gino.

While it appears that she was again reaching for his hat (now his second hat), producers couldn’t chance it.

Considering the anger, sadness, and alcohol fueling the confrontation, they stepped in, separating the two of them.

Jasmine Pineda lunges for Gino Palazzolo, producer says "don't"

Jasmine returned to her own cabin.

She spent the night crying.

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However, you can see her second attempt to expose Gino’s scalp to the world in this video clip: 

After a night of weeping, Jasmine felt that she had no more tears.

Her long term plans with Gino were now a painful memory.

In fact, even some short-term plans needed to change.

Jasmine Pineda goes on a romantic boat tour alone

Jasmine and Gino had booked a romantic cruise for the two of them, where they would eat while being driven around on a boat.

Jasmine opted to take the cruise herself, noting that this was, after all, a last-minute gift to her.

On the boat, she spoke extensively to producers, clearly still processing what had happened, but now feeling much calmer.

Jasmine Pineda returns to Gino Palazzolo's to retrieve her purse

Thing took an odd turn after Jasmine returned to Gino’s cabin to retrieve her purse.

She and Gino spoke briefly … and he asked if they could speak more.

Jasmine agreed, saying that it would be good if they could walk together.

Jasmine Pineda asks Gino Palazzolo why she would give him another chance

Gino pleaded with Jasmine to give him another chance, vowing to never do anything like this again.

However, Jasmine asked a very reasonable question: why in the world should she?

No answer in the world could have justified a reconciliation … but that is what happened anyway.

Gino Palazzolo awkwardly hugs Jasmine Pineda

The two of them shared the world’s most awkward hug.

(Yes, we are even counting Ben’s hugs with Mahogany)

Speaking to the camera, Jasmine tried to explain.

Jasmine Pineda - "you're stupid. why are you forgiving him?"

She knew exactly how viewers would react to her.

Gino had betrayed her.

That should be a total dealbreaker for anyone.

Jasmine Pineda - he love me. I know that

A tearful Jasmine explained that, because Gino loves her, she feels that it’s worth another shot.

It’s her life, and it’s her mistake to make.

But it is, without a doubt, a mistake.


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