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How To Build Trust On A Remote Team


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While remote work is becoming the new normal, companies and team leaders continue to struggle with the shift. It is challenging to create a healthy dynamic among team members when they do not share a real space. Sure learning how to add virtual background in teams can create the idea of unity and cohesion, but it does not resolve the interpersonal issues or difficulties. For teams to work well together, they must trust each other. Therefore, team managers must learn how to create or build trust on a remote team.

1. Create Transparency in Your Team

Before delving into designing a custom Zoom background, start by creating transparency on your team. Allow every member to know and understand what the others are doing, including yourself.

Remote workers can quickly begin to feel overwhelmed and overburdened. It is not hard for them to feel like they take on the brunt of the workload with little to no recognition. Allowing everyone to know what each other is contributing will help eliminate or lessen negative feelings.

2. Promote Teamwork

While managers often have no problem sharing the technical aspects of remote work, such as zoom system requirements for virtual background, they do not find it as easy to encourage or promote teamwork. In an office setting, such promotion was usually unnecessary because the team was together.

When dealing with remote workers, you need to understand that feelings of isolation spread quickly. Workers quickly become disconnected, so managers must do everything in their power to encourage team unity and support.

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3. Set Clear Expectations

Every project needs a clear objective and goals. You need to ensure your entire team is aware of their tasks and when and how you expect those tasks to be completed. Clear expectations are paramount to building trust and establishing team hierarchy.

4. Avoid Micromanagement

While setting clear expectations is crucial, you need to avoid micromanaging your workers. Micromanaging will undermine any progress you have made creating trust among your team members. As a manager, one of the hardest things is allowing each team member to shine; realizing your way may not be the only way to do something.

To maintain trust with your team, you must learn to trust in your team’s abilities to complete tasks. The individual members did not get the positions they have being talentless or incapable. They have the knowledge and skills to succeed, so let them.

5. Value Employee Wellbeing

With the perspective shift that remote work creates, employers need to realize that business and personal lives are now keenly intertwined. You can no longer expect employees to leave personal feelings outside of the office because the office is now their home. Therefore, empathy will become a necessary management characteristic.

Remote offices present many challenges to more traditional business models; however, building and maintaining employee trust is the most significant challenge. If you are not sure about how to move forward with remote work at your company, consider talking to a specialist in your area.


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