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Jen Arnold Says She Needs Surgery, Prompts Concern from Little Couple Fans


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Jen Arnold just went under the knife.

On Wednesday, The Little Couple star told Instagram followers that she would be undergoing surgery the following morning at New York City’s Hospital For Special Surgery and will remain there “for three or four days.

Arnold, who stars on this TLC reality show alongside her husband, Bill, admitted that the timing for this procedure was “challenging,” expounding in further detail:

“So, my left hip, which was replaced over 20 years ago, … finally decided to fail.

“This has been something I knew had to happen but didn’t expect it to happen so soon, and so, here we are in New York, one of our favorite places as well, in the city, getting ready for hip surgery.”

The Arnolds, as fans of this popular program know well, only recently moved their family to Boston.

Confessing that she “can’t believe” the timing of this ordeal, Jen said on Wednesday that she, her mom and Bill were “going to do our traditional celebration of going out to eat for a nice dinner tonight.”

“I’m lucky that my mom is in town, and so is Bill of course, who is going to be here with me for the duration,” she continued.

“And, you know, the kids are at home with Bill’s parents, and we’re going to miss them.”

Amid this health crisis, meanwhile, Amy has also had to deal with speculation over the state of her marriage.

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Speaking to her fans two days ago, Jen emphasized that she and her spouse “are not separated or divorced,” adding:

We’re “absolutely together, and we’re doing well, and we’re thankful that the move has gone well, and we’re excited about new schools, and new jobs, and just a whole new town in this adventure.”

Jen’s medical update comes four months after Bill underwent elbow surgery at the same hospital.

After showing a picture of his stitches that Jen removed, Bill asked his followers at the time:

“By a show of hands … how many of you would allow your spouse to remove your stitches (regardless of professional training)… I’ll let you know what happens this week.”

Bill, of course, is fine. Jen is a trained physician.

“Prayers for a successful surgery tomorrow and quick healing!” wrote one concerned fans in response to Jen’s surgery announcement, while another added:

“I’d rather see pictures of Billifer than Benifer any day! Best wishes for a successful surgery!”

And then another chimed in as follows: “Good Luck wishing you the best. Wish we could still see your shows.”

arnolds in hospital

For his part, Bill shared the above photo of The Little Couple from the hospital, including with it a positive message:

“When a team has your back in the OR and a million or two friends thinking good thoughts… my @jenarnoldmd will do great today. 

He concluded by using these hashtags:

#braverthanme #smarterthanme #definitelyprettierthanme and the best #mom #daughter #wife anyone can dream of. #tuneuptime

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