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Jen Shah Gets Physical With Lisa Barlow in Nasty RHOSCL Bus Brawl


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Whether it’s entirely her fault or it’s some wild, improbable misunderstanding, Jen Shah is not having a great time.

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City began with Jen screaming and crying at one castmate.

It ended with her screaming at and taunting another castmate.

From brawling on the bus to bordering on blackmail, Jen was not backing down.

RHOSLC brawl bus 01

The nastiness boiled over on teh bus, when Jen Shah confronted Lisa Barlow about her support.

She felt that Lisa did not show her the same grace and support that she has shown others.

Jen being Jen, she was yelling and screaming this, while Lisa tried to remain calm … but it was a losing battle.

RHOSLC brawl bus 02

After Jen spent some time standing (on the bus!) and screaming in Lisa’s face, production got involved.

The two had to be separated, with Jen sitting up towards the front where the producer could physically keep them apart.

This did not stop the verbal altercation, as both women continued to yell at one another.

RHOSLC brawl bus 03

Jen was calling Lisa a bad friend, if in many more — and harsher — words than that.

Eventually, Jen broke down, sobbing, over how miserable she is during this investigation, fearing that she will miss out on her children’s lives.

Though Jen maintained that she is totally innocent of the charges brought against her, this did move Lisa, and the two almost hugged it out. A little.

RHOSLC brawl bus 04

Jen insisted that Meredith and Mary were behind this somehow.

While it feels unlikely that the two were making the FBI dance on a string, Jen is clearly looking for enemies everywhere.

She’s also making enemies everywhere, so honestly? Who knows.

RHOSLC brawl bus 05

Meanwhile, Heather says that Meredith and Mary had the right idea by traveling separately.

She’ll happily go in on any alliance they have if it means not being subjected to this again.

Meredith and Mary traveled separately and arrived later, and that was just the beginning of Mary opting out of group activities.

RHOSLC brawl bus 08

After getting settled at the villa, there was a spiritual ceremony that evening with an energy healer.

The whole idea was just to open themselves up to the best that the universe has to offer, or whatever.

That activity seemed to go well for a number of the ladies, but Mary did not partake.

RHOSLC brawl bus 10

On the one hand, it sometimes seems odd to watch one Housewife bow out of a group activity by citing their beliefs.

On the other, Mary is perfectly entitled to her faith.

There are plenty of spiritual or religious activities in which many of us would not participate, so of all of Mary’s deeds, this one is fine.

Mary Cosby is

Dinner saw another confrontation, of course.

This time, it was between old foes Jen and Meredith, after everyone was clearly tired of the latter defending Mary.

Once again, Jen was more than happy to get right in her castmate’s face, and things looked on the edge of turning physical … again.

Jen Shah screams in Meredith Marks' face at dinner

Jen is fixated on the idea that Meredith is behind her legal woes, but Meredith doesn’t back down — despite remaining seated.

Jen calls Meredith a fraud, which Meredith laughs off — under the circumstances, it’s not the best insult for Jen to sling.

Meredith does get up and walk away, at which point Jen escalates her taunts.

Jen Shah accuses Meredith Marks of having 10 boyfriends

Jen then calls out that Meredith has “10 motherf–king other boyfriends.”

It’s an odd, wild claim to make, eliciting either a puzzled or a quickly-masked alarmed reaction from Meredith.

It looks like this mess just got more complicated, because previews indicate that Meredith may endure some fallout.

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